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Squaw announces ....

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Anyone know what the big announcement on Monday will be?

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Could be...


Squaw, Alpine, and now Sierra at Tahoe all under the same Super Tahoe Super Pass?  Rumors are beginning to circulate that Squaw has forged a new partnership with Sierra at Tahoe, allowing skiers currently holding a Squawpine pass to ride Sierra at Tahoe on the South Shore for free.  Sierra pass holders will be able to come up and ride Squaw/Alpine for a  discounted Price.

The KSL marketing machine is at it again, trying to break the arch nemesis Vail Resorts grasp on the South and clinch the skiers of Sierra at Tahoe.  Will this game changing move be enough?  How will the locals respond?  What is Tahoe coming to?! Only a few weeks remain to opening day and the battle between the super resorts are beginning to heat up.  (Oh wait, elections are over…sorry!)

Stay tuned, many more details to come Monday.  We’ll be posting updates as they emerge.


*from Unofficial Squaw

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Andy Wirth did say: "Outside Magazines #1 Resort just got better and bigger with the additiona of S***** ** T****." but what's an "additiona"??? Does that mean merger?

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No.  It's just that they've moved up their opening date to the 16th.

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Oops.  I guess I should take back that "no".  It seems they have also extended the Tahoe Super Pass to SAT...


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Yep, they're opening on the 16th!


Northstar opens on the 14th!


Kirkwood opens this Friday.


And squaw passholders get free lifts at SAT if I heard right.

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