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Leaving a car in at DIA

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I am wondering if anyone has any experience with leaving a vehicle at Denver Inernational Airport to use, since the rentals are so expensive in Denver. I happen to already own an older 4x4 Suburban that I could leave there for 3-4 months. We will take 4-5 trips Jan. - April. It looks like there are a couple of lots that charge about $150/ mo. and provide shuttle service to the door. Any advice?
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No personal experience, but it looks (Googling) like cheapest near-the-airport storage with shuttle service will cost you around $150 monthly. For a little more (another $100), you can get inside storage. Maybe leave some gear in the vehicle too so you don't have to muscle that around.

I'd look at car storage away from the airport and using the bus system to get to/from. Probably can get down to $25/month. But I'm cheap.
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I'd do the inside storage thing too.   Keeps the snow off and maybe keep the critters away.    They did have problems a few years back with critters nibbling on the wiring of cars left in long term storage at DIA.  

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no personal experience, but one thing to think over is to prep for the storage depending on how long you expect for the intervals.  

You may want to disconnect the battery to avoid draining, or be prepared to jumpstart...

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Many of the hotels have LT parking deals if you stay a night on either end of your trip. 

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Thanks for the advice, I am still weighing the options, and never even thought about critters chewing on the wiring. I am somewhat concerned about getting the vehicle properly prepped. The last thing I want to do is fly in late, get to the vehicle and have a mechanical problem to deal with. I am considering doing this for both convenience and cost savings, and that would not be either.
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Long term parking is free at EGE, if that works for you?

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So are you looking at one trip a month? If your looking at a multiple trips in single month. I.E two trips in January and two in apri.


If so you might want to look into the park and ride by the airport. It's two dollars a day. I used to park my jeep there for three weeks every December when I went home for winter break.   

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