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Was at my local ski shop today buying my son a new ski setup. So I decided to put on a new boot. My current boots are the Nordica Speedmachine 10 from 2006. The flex on that boot is 100-110. I loved this boot for many years but it is packed out and need a new boot. I slipped on the Cochise 90 and thought it felt fantastic. I want to go with the Cochise line because when I am out west I do a fair amount of hiking and even when I am in Michigan getting from the lot to the hill I can see where the hybrid boot will be much added comfort. I am an expert skiier and enjoy steeps, chutes, bumps and trees. I spend most of my time on the steeps. I am 44 and am 5'6" and weigh 170 lbs. My main question is unfortunately my local shop only stocks the 90 and 100 so I can't try out the 110 or 120. If I dig the 100 should I just get it or will I be missing out by not maybe going 110-120? I like my boots stiff but not ultra stiff. I truly wish I could try all 4 flex's out but not sure that is going to be possible. Any help would be appreciated.