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Roller Skis ?

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Can anyone please advise on Roller Skis? Are they really a good workout on flat surfaces (road)?

Any particular Brand/Model recommended?

I am an intermediate alpine skier, never done cross-country.

Thank You!
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Never used them myself (I inline skate in summer) but....

quite a few of the xc guys use them for training - one skates up the local mountain road regularly in the spring....

If you want to improve your skiing fitness I'd try inline skates (that is why I inline skate - under instructions for skiing improvement)
a) you'll get as good a workout on the flat
b) you'll get better at stance & balance esp fore/aft balance as needed for skiing(try leaning back on linline skates....ouch)
c) You'll get MUCH stronger at edging skills if you work on good inline technique (HINT find an IISA instructor & take a lesson or 2 to find out what IS good technique then set out to improve it)
d) if you like playing in terrain park then you can do the same on skates - only MORE... (my instructor struggles to skate straight lines... everything is a thing to be skated up/along/over etc )

If yoh don't like the idea of a couple of lessons then buy a good skate book...
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GPaul: Try following sites.

Crosskate.com and

They look interesting, but don't have anyone in my area who sells them so I can demo them. I wonder how "bumpy" they would be on uneven and rough terrain.

If anyone has tried these, I would be interested in an unbiased appraisal.
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The streetski (click on the link I posted) looks like it would be better for alpiners living in the city. Not everyone is able to get out ot a mtn on a regular basis. The problem with CrossSkates is the boot - Italian made (e.g. narrow) and a system which does not fit true-to-size (e.g. I wear a 30.5 ski boot and inline skate, but I was told to size the CrossSkate boot by my street shoe size, which is a 15).
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