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Inline Skating

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Wooohoooo - went for a 12km skate yesterday (yes in a lesson) & only sooked a little about the steep hills at one end... (instructor was 'hiding' the warning signs telling the bikes it was a steep descent - didn't work - I KNEW it was steep... oh well side stepping works on skates when diss is too scared to skate down)

Why oh why did I not skate more this summer? :

(Oh yeah - little problem of 1/2 the countryside trying to burn down & not being able to breathe for a few months... ah well next summer....)

So all of you lot that are running out of snow - get skating!

Another skate today - but not quite as long... skipped the steep hill section....

I am on a promise to navigate the lake cycling track at my new abode BEFORE the season starts & phone in to skating instructor to confirm having 'done homework' ..... I have a month.....
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Right Diss, today I had plans to start the inline season by paying a visit to Monza's park (the complete real name is Parco di Villa Reale di Monza, or the Park of Monza's Royal Residency, built for the Austrian Viceroi in 1800, seized by the PiedmonterRoyal family (then Italian Royal family) after Lombardy was united to their Italian kingdom, and then made a public place by the Republic after WWII. The same which hosts the F1 track). On Saturdays and Sundays the roads inside the park are closed to cars, hence one can skate all the paved roads.
Unfortunately, it rains.
Oh well, lots of week ends are in front of me now :
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Ah, if only there were lifts for inliners too!!!!
I like to "ski" down hills with my inline, but I absolutely hate to have to climb back up!!!!
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Sounds like a : place to skate Matteo....

One of our skate lesson haunts in Melbourne is the pitt row of the Australian F1 Grand Prix track at Albert Park...

the rest of the track is real roads that cars drive on... but pitt lane is LOVELY concrete... smooth as a babies ar5e & there is usually a nice wind assist in 1 direction so we have a 'down wind' turning run & an 'into the wind' power run....

Another nice location is around the edge of the bay in the StKilda area....

The 12km track we did is a 6km up & back stretch .... It is a bike track that runs up a creek valley.... the whole valley has been replanted with natives to the area & there are marshy areas for the water life & lots of native grasses.... terrific scenery & a nice skate as well.... right in the middle of the city....
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Originally posted by Matteo:
Ah, if only there were lifts for inliners too!!!!
I like to "ski" down hills with my inline, but I absolutely hate to have to climb back up!!!!
Ah we have the 'perfect' ski training down hill run.... it is the last hill we skate down coming home on that 12km run...

LOOOOOONG gradual hill - just right for my instructor to short turn the whole way down.... being a less competent turner & BIG chicken I brake a bit - but still get lots of turns in... I don't mind the skate up - but he swears a 'poma' or such would be great for his groups....

Instructor always goes first because it has a nice BIG sweeping corner at the end - so he skates ahead & then back to the corner to let me know if the coast is clear for me to 'play' around that last corner & the run out
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I finally got outside this week as well. My neighborhood has some pretty decent hills for carving (although I need to purchase the FSK 320 DH frame, my FSK 250 CC's aren't the most stable at high-speed descents). I skated around the local park some, then soaped up (didn't have any spare wax) a picinic table to practice jibbing.
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