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Place your F1 bets

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Now that we have three races under our collective belts, is it time to place our bets? Or, after the helter-skelter confusion of Brazil are we going to wait until after San Marino?

As a reminder, we are picking the top three drivers and the manufacturer's champion at season's end; see WTFH's points system in this thread: http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...c;f=6;t=000568

After the topsy-turvy qualifying and races we've seen so far, maybe we should add a catagory for the "driver least likely to succeed that did succeed."

The WINNER drinks for free at a future academy/gathering . . . at what could be considerable expense to the losers.

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Ii think we should place bets now. Before seeing the F2003 in action.
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Thats OK we can still wait until after San Marino. They've decided not to run the F2003-GA before Barcalona. Seems its being a bit cranky.

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Looking good for the RED cars [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Michael Schumacher winning under these circumstances is really something ......


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He's back.
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ditto on epic's picks:

Kimi, Michael, David
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So is it just me and Ryan or what? First qualifying is on Friday. Get in by then. As it stands, it would just be me and Ryan buying each other drinks (I assume he is picking McLaren as constructor). If anyone else joins in, and we win, does that mean we drink for 1/2 price?
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And then there were 3

1 Kimi Raikkonen

2 David Coulthard

3 Juan Carlos Montoya

Mclaren - Constructor
Beer Drinking - WTFH, Team Guiness.

Neither Ferrari to finish, new car, tested but not at Barcelona.
Circuit notoriously heavy on tyres, the result may come down to 2 or 3 stop strategy.
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