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Park City during Sundance Film Fest

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Although I’ve taken several trips to PCMR & Canyons to ski and ride in recent years, I’ve got my first opportunity to attend during Sundance.  


Anyone have experience with the town during this event? I’ll be staying with a close friend who lives downtown, so I'm not concerned with lodging, and know the slopes are relatively deserted, but are prices going to be pretty steep for the nightlife and dining? I’ve heard stories of $75 covers at some of the locales on Main St, and overall, a fustercluck of people in town.


Your opinions are valued. Thanks much!

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It is a mad house.  The mountains are pretty deserted though and as long as you have someplace to stay the skiing should be good.  But I would honestly avoid town during Sundance.  Very, very crowded and expensive and let's just say the crowd are not my kind of people.  Very annoying.

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Yeah, they do seem to have ridiculous cover charges, and I've heard that restaurants jack up food prices, though I've never really eaten there during that time. If you're good at networking, you can always meet people to get you into clubs and parties without any cover. My buddy's an aspiring film guy and an aggressive networking type and he was pretty good at getting into clubs and parties when he was out a couple years ago.


If you're just interested in skiing, I'd go a different time. The town's going to be super-crowded, expensive and not all that enjoyable if you're looking for the usual meal and apres ski. If you're really into movies/celebrities/partying/whatever, or just want to say you've done it, then just take the bad with the good.


On the plus side, UT seems to have an early-January snow drought every year, and Sundance is typically around the time things turn around.

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Ive been skiing there twice during the film festival. The slopes are deserted and the foot traffic in town is rediculous. One interesting thing, during the film festival you can stand on the top of Payday at night and watch the bumper to bumper stream of cars coming IN to Park city instead of the normal traffic leaving through Kimball Junction. There are movie theaters setup everywhere. Not the place for kids though during this time.

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Did a couple of days last season.  The skiing was great and slopes nearly empty.  A lot of the big slope side houses at the Canyons and Deer Valley were STILL empty.  There were a whole lot of full sized rental SUV's with some not so good winter drivers.  The traffic sucked.  


It would be a great time to walk if there is a choice.

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I've been out in Park City for the past 2 years during Sundance and I'd recommend it if you're into the scene.  The mountains have no lines so it's a great time to ski and ski hard without having to worry about lines.  Main Street is packed, but some awesome people watching.  The dives are still fairly easy to get into without crazy cover charges.  The major brands do take over some of the places and turn them into lounges with crazy covers, but if you search and aren't picky you'll still find some great food, locals and a great scene.

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I unwittingly booked my SLC trip for this week... if the resorts are empty it looks like I'll add a day or two at one of the PC resorts to my agenda. 

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