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Fisi wins Brazil???

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It would only be fair.
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He was lucky... his car burned up in parc fermé. If the race had been a few laps longer he would have had nothing. Still, he had a win coming, I hope he gets it.
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I saw his car on fire, but you never know when any of them are going to crash, trash the equipment, run out of gas or tires, etc.

In my opinion, the person leading when they call the race should get the win. What's with the two lap stuff?
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I think it makes sense. What if it had been Alonso leading the race and then he piled into Weber's wreckage? Were there any flags out? If there weren't, I don't think he's at fault in the crash and would not deserve to have the race taken away.

Worst case, suppose that some tropical monsoon comes up and takes out every car except for a lone Minardi that has been in the pit for three laps getting a new steering wheel and nose cone or whatever. He comes out of the pit and crosses the finish line, does he desreve to win the race?

Anyway, I think it makes sense to use the pre-mayhem standings to determine the winner.
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It seems Fisi won after all. Congrats to him and especially Eddie.
Should be worth millions to him in prize money and sponsorship performance related pay.
Intersesting to note the error was spotted by the time keepers, who then came forward. Rather than an appeal by Jordan.
Honesty rules.
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