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I hadn't followed up on the post-race news from the Brazilian GP, but a friend called from the Bay area this evening and told me Rubens ran-out-of-gas!!! OK, maybe it was a fuel feed problem. My hell, what does Barrichello have to do to win his home race - or any other race for that matter.

But, it was an interesting race to say the very least. Alonso's crash wasn't pretty and I was happy to hear that he was only bruised and battered.

I like Eddie Jordan and his team; I do feel bad for Jordan and Giancarlo Fisichella. Kimi? Well, Kimi, on the other hand, is stealing the show at present - it would appear that another Flying Finn is in the McLaren.

Too many story lines for one little Epic thread . . . . did I mention Webber and the Jag?


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