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Fat Ski Advice

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I could really use some advice. Currently I am planning a 3 month skiing roadtrip this winter and am looking for a new pair or pairs of skis. Check out the roadtrip post for info on where I am looking to ski:


What I have currently: I have a pair of rossignol s5 jib skis that I got last year. They are 178's with dimensions 128/98/121. Turning radius 21m.  I dig on them, but am considering flipping them for another pair of boards. They do carve well on groomers. Maybe keep these for groomers and park and get other ski for deep days and touring....?


I am really looking to get a side/backcountry set up. I just got a pair of dukes and am getting a pair of side country boots. I am thinking something with a waist greater than 110 and has some sort of rocker profile to it. Not sure if I want a combo camber/rocker ski, but don't know enough about the technology to decide. I want something that rips, is sturdy at high speeds, turns well in trees, gives good float and can shred most places. Some skis I have been looking into:



Company Ski Length Waist Tip/Tail Rocker Camber Construction
Surface Live Life 181 110 146/130 Rocker / Camber Combo Yes Maple/ Popler Core
Surface One Life 179/189 112 140/132 Early Rise Tip/ Tail 8 Degree 3Stage rocker Yes 3 Degree Maple/ Popler Core
Bluehouse Maestro 189 118 134/131 Rocker Tip/Tail No Bamboo/Carbonfiber
Bluehouse Presinct 181 or 191 116 140/130 Rocker tip/ Tail 2-3mm underfoot Bamboo/Carbonfiber
Icelandic Nomad RKR 181 105 140/130 Early Rise Tip/Tail Yes Fiberglass/Poplar
K2 Backdrop 181 112 142/131 Tip/Tail Yes Wood Blend Core
Icelandic Shaman 184 110 160/130 No All Camber Poplar
Icelandic Keeper 178/189 119 150/136 Early Rise Tip/Tail Full underfoot Poplar
K2 Sideseth 188 118 147/135 Tip/Tail Yes 50% Wood Blend Core
Nordica Patron 185 113 143/132 Tip/Tail Yes Wood/Fiberglass Core
Blizzard Cochise  185 108 135/123 Tip/Tail No Flat Underfoot Wood/Metal
Nordica Heldarodo 185 113 143/132 Tip/Tail Yes Wood/Metal Core


My info: Strong skier, 5'9" ~160lbs. 


I know this is kind of all over the place but any advice would be awesome! Thanks!!!



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Not sure if it's just me, but the link you posted isn't working. Would be helpful to see what you have planned out. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by east or bust View Post

Not sure if it's just me, but the link you posted isn't working. Would be helpful to see what you have planned out. smile.gif

Sorry about that. I am pretty sure I fixed it! Thanks for checking it out!

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If you are going to take just one pair of skis then definitely go for something with camber underfoot, or at least flat.  Full rocker would probably not be versatile enough for you. I haven't skied the s5 but it sounds like a pretty versatile ski and you seem happy on groomers with it..  If you keep it you might want to go even wider than you're looking at for the second pair.  (This being epic someone is bound to tell you that real men ski powder with skinny skis.) My main advice would be to read a couple of gear issues, narrow the choice down, consider what's available locally, and then ask for advice on a few skis.  Try to choose between a dozen skis and you'll still be thinking about it in the spring.

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