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Naming Winter Storms

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The Weather Channel named the 1st Nor'easter "Athena," and the new western storm is "Brutus."  Two names in one week.  After no winter storm names for a hundred years, far as I can tell.


I see some upside here, but have reservations.  It does help raise public awareness, which could help safety planners.   And maybe it'll get the skiers fired up.  ("Remember that sick pow day during Gwendolyn?!  And Hector's 1000 miles behind!") 


But in the end I think it cheapens the greatest storms of all, hurricanes of course. Too much name dilution for the memory bank.  And it really seems pretty half assed, with no guidelines or published criteria.  At least hurricanes have an accepted definition (tropical storm above 75mph.)  It's so subjective to name some winter storms and not others.  Are there criteria?  Minimum pressure for example? 


From the skier's perspective, the best powder days will more often come from local weather rather than named storms anyhow.  And if they keep one naming system for the East and West, they'll be well past Z by March.  And finally, NOAA seems uninterested in this, which makes me wonder if these names will stick anyway.


I was wondering how other skier/weather buffs felt about this.

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This has me kind of peeved honestly.  This is strictly a weather channel deal from what I can tell.  I hope people get PO'd and tell them to knock it off as I believe it will ultimately reduce awareness in the long run.  To me, a named storm means potential damage and death on large scale.  Brutus is your typical winter storm, why does it need a name?

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I understand them wanting to raise awareness and stuff so people are prepared, but seriously...there's no comparison to a tropical storm or hurricane. Hurricanes = death and destruction. Winter storms = good times for people like us! Woohoo!

From :

The Weather Channel's Winter Storm Team named impending winter storm for the Northern Plains Brutus based on the following potential impacts:

Impacts: As much as 12 to 18 inches of snowfall is expected in areas, including Great Falls, Mont., more than 2 feet in mountains. Strong winds will combine with heavy snowfall to produce blizzard conditions across northeast Montana.

Location: Montana and western North Dakota.

Time Frame: Thursday afternoon through Saturday morning.

Other Information: This system covers a large area and will produce winter impacts from Thursday through Saturday morning.


They act like this is a BAD thing! I'm about 100 miles east of Great Falls right now and loving every bit of this weather. We're getting hammered right now, and expecting a blizzard tonight supposedly. Good thing I put on my snow tires this week! Showdown should benefit pretty nicely from this. Go Brutus!!! beercheer.gif



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I like what I'm seeing here!


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