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Binding Position

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I've just bought a pair of Amplid Hill Bill 2013 188cm, and i would like to have your opinion for the bindings position: I'm very much more freeride style than backcountry style (by that i mean i barely don't jump....). My question is:
Where should i mount my bindings: in the back it seems, but how much, 20mm towards the tail from the center or 40mm torwards the tail from the center?
Thanks for your help

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Is there a center/forward mount and traditional mount points marked on the skis? If so, I would suggest splitting the two and use that, if you are skiing switch 50% or more..erring towards the forward mount.  

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It goes from +40mm (towards the tip) to -60mm (towards the tail), Amplid suggest me a -20mm/-30mm towards the tail, but it seems to me still to much centered, what do you think, should i go to -40mm, even to -50mm. For the infos it's a twin tip and tail/tip rockered ski!

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I usually go forward only, i ski in Europe, so it's more like east condition, groomers and powder conditions....

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