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Simple post. I'm looking to pick up a pair of used DPS 112RPs flat or w/ barons. I'll take hybrid or pure, but price is my driving factor-- and I know it's a longshot to find anything available this time of year. 


I'd need to have these shipped (or picked up within a few hours) to CA-- Bay Area on or before December 5th. Because that's when I fly back to Germany. IF you have a pair for a great price on the East Coast, I'll be in Western Mass the last week in November. I'd potentially pick up there.


I have never bought or sold anything on Epic, but you'll find me quite involved in the discussion threads. I do have extensive purchasing experience/feedback (including eBay) in other communities. And I'm a semi-public person in a way, so I'm sure I can verify my existence/seriousness to you as a buyer. 


I know it's a longshot, but lemme know if you've got something.