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One of my girls grew like a weed over the summer and it is time for a ski change. She is 15 years old, about 5'3" and weighs 105lbs or so. She is an excellent skier and skis approximately 50+ days per year at Sunday River. I just put her into a new pair of Fischer's RC vacuum boots, which should be a game changer since she almost has a size and half difference between her two feet. 

I was thinking that as we begin to swap out skis for all of us over the next few years, it may be worth going with a solid AT setup that is also well suited for the trails, since 90% of our time is spent on them. The AT setup would be nice for the days when we are bouncing around in the woods and end up in an area that will require a climb out, or those epic days when there is three feet of snow; but everything is on wind hold. 

She will probably end up with a ski in the 160 range. Would the Baron be overkill ,and is the weight difference significant compared to a regular adult alpine binding? 


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IME, in these cases, when someone says they want touring capability and give a percentage, i.e. 10% here, I usually divide that in half. So she will be using this "tour" feature 5-10% of the time and the other 90-95% of the time she will be skiing around an a heavy inefficient bindings. If this is going to be her ONLY skis, I would suggest staying with a traditional bindings and deal with the hike out, if it going to be a second pair of skis, Baron will be overkill for her weight, Marker F10/12 Tour will be fine or the Tyrolia Adrenaline. 

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Mostly agree with Philpug. The Baron is a fairly heavy binding, especially for a 160cm ski. Am not sure that the Marker Tour is a solid enough binding for a lot of heavy skiing in-bounds either. If hiking only 10% of the time you might consider Alpine Trekkers instead. If you think you'll be going O.B. for the day you will probably have a pack with climbing skins in it, food, water, etc. so it shouldn't be that hard to add room for a pair of Alpine Trekkers.

When she is spending more than 15% of her time out of bounds, then a Baron makes sense, as does a dedicated ski/binding rig for skiing in- AND out-of-bounds. In that case, a whole host of other binding options are worth considering, including some that aren't available just yet. wink.gif
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Thank you.  I just looked at the Alpine Trekkers.  That indeed would do the job.  Very cool little tool for the occasional climb.  Pete

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