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Boot fit Vs Training Shoes fit

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I am knew to all the details involved in buying new boots, and have been learning quite a lot in the search for my first pair. I have been wondering if there are certain carcteristics one can expect from different boot brands and models, is it possible to compare them to similar features of well known models of the shoe industry?
Example: I play tennis, and generaly, if I buy a pair of Nike shoes, I can go straight to the court and play a match with them, if I get a pair of Adidas I will probably have to wear them around to break them in for a month...
Is it possible to correlate the fit of certain ski boot brands, to the fit of certain shoe brands or models? That would help narrowing things down a lot when looking for new boots.
If so, that would greatly help people who don't have direct access to big gear shops. I for instance are from Brazil, how the hell does one buy ski boots living out here?! lol.
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why not wait until you go on a ski holiday, so you can buy boots there?  more selection and better trained staff to help you?


Like buying a wet suit in the desert, or surf board in the prairies, ski boots in brazil might not be the best options...

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Yes, I fully understand that, but is there any general guideline to help narrow down ones options? Such as boot brands A B tend to fit certain types, boots C and D are better suited to others... as in the example I gave comparing to Tennis... i have some friends who love the adidas models, but they don't quite work forme. So I guessed I could narrow my options down to two or three brands of skiboots, maybe just to make the offseason "wishful" browsing less depresive.... Lol
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Here is a general impression along the lines of what I think (?) you are asking......


Langes will not allow you to go right to the court for your first match (break them in first)

Nordicas will allow you to play your first match the same day you buy them but not fit as well over the long term.

Tecnicas may be sort of in between the two but you will need to string your racquet 5 lbs tighter.


Hope this is what you were looking for..........................wink.gif




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