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Isn't anybody.....

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.....going to mention the Rugby?

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What rugby?

Are you talking about England beating Ireland convincingly and therefore winning the Six Nations and the Grand Slam or are you talking about England winning the Hong Kong Sevens against NZ in the final?

If anyone cares that was Jason Leonard's fourth Grand Slam which is quite an achievement.

Anyway what about the rugby I didn't even know there was any on!!

So proud today, so proud.
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Yeah, you won one more match than us, and you won it with a score your cricket team would be proud of.


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Whats this Cricket you speak of?

M (...I've highly selective memory...)
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Oh yeah WTFH you going to have a go at us for cricket? How's your cricket team going? or football for that matter?

Hate cricket anyway so not going to have an argument about that but rugby is another matter. I have to say that you have played well for the whole tournament but how did you not get blown up for being off side the whole time. Back foot means your back foot not the oppositions!!
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Sorry, Loke, but we were there to intercept your forward passes... or waiting for you to release the ball...

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Forward passes? Don't seem to remember any of them and you don't have to release the ball when it's yours. The scrum half can keep it as long as he likes!!

PS I know what you mean! Some strange decisions both ways though by the ref.
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