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Blizzard 8.5---verses--Volkl RTM 84----verses---Head Rev 85

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I am looking for a all mountain ski in the 84sh area (give or take a few) I have narrowed it down to these three, as a go to every day ski. I have a powder ski already. (S7) Rossi. But one of these would be my primary ski. Front and Backside, also some bumps. Has anybody skied these particular skis? I am 5'10 180lbs, Also what length would you suggest? I might as well thro in the Vokl V works also. Does that particular ski,  fit in with the above three? I now that it is lighter than the RTM, but I am thinking it might be more front side. Thank you for any input you can give me.

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All skis all good choices. The Mag 8.5 is the most powerful, the RTM 84, the easiest (but worst on hard snow) and the Rev85, the most playful, If you bring the V Werks into the picture, I will see your V-Werks and suggest the Nordica FA84 EDT, the best in this class and like the V-Works, a premium priced ski. 

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I know there are lots of choices out there and I do not want to make the decision more difficult but you might want to consider the Volkl Kendo at 88 under foot over the RTM. The RTM 84 is a great East Coast carver on the front side it likes speed, grips well on hard pack and ice. The Kendo is similar grips well on the snow you can expect on an average day on the ice coast but a little more versatile and more of an advanced ski than the RTM. The S7 is one 115 under foot so you'll have very little over lap with either the RTM or the Kendo. The Kendo would be a good addition to the quiver if you like what you read about the Volkl Mantra but want something narrower under foot.

I do not know much about the Blizzard but with what you are describing the kendo might be a better choice in the Volkl lineup.

The one thing about most of the Volkl lineup is that they are stiff skis so if you spend a lot of time in the bumps you might want something softer.

As for length, how long are your s7's. You normally want your all mtn to be shorter than your powder ski... Based on your size I would look in the 165-177 range.
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5-8 180 ish,   Can only comment on the RTM84, ,  F-ing FUN, rips, fast, DOES VERY WELL on hard pack, slush, curd, pow. It also won a boat load of awards.    I ski the 176.  

You may also want to check out the Salomon Enduro XT 850 also, it rips as well.    I skied them back to back to back and liked the RTM just a tiny bit better, (fun factor).    Anyways, looks like you will pick a winner no matter what.  

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These are great skis.  The RTM 84 is super fun, agile and pretty stable for a ski with no camber.  The full rocker allows tremendous directional freedom in crud and powder.  It's easy to pivot and smear. It's also very forgiving.  The Blizzard 8.5 has a little camber but the Flipcore construction makes it easy to decamber and initiate turns in powder with very little input.  With that you gain performance on hard snow.  It totally rails and holds the line at high speed.  It's also super fun.  I don't know about the Head Rev, so I can't help you there.  

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