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Black Friday Deals?

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Does anyone know if any of the big online retailers offer steep discounts on skis for Black Friday? I am looking to buy either the Steadfasts or Bushwackers and have found both 2012 models online for $400 which is good, but wondering if I could do better by waiting a few weeks?

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If you see a good deal on skis now, I would jump on it. Its very hard to predict if a good deal is going to happen, as the closer we get to Black Friday, the more the ski season gets under way.

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Look at


With the 35% discount right now, you can get em for $363.97 if you want 166 or 173

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Originally Posted by tch View Post

Look at


With the 35% discount right now, you can get em for $363.97 if you want 166 or 173


Yeah that is one of the places I was looking, about $380 after shipping. The only reason I am hesistant is o2gearshop had the 2013 model for $398 but already sold out. I was hoping someone else might do something similar.

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If you wait until Black Friday, be prepared to buy "not exactly what you want."  The deals are not going to be much better that price on Sierra TP.  And likely the model or size you prefer will be gone.   


Buy it soon and don't stress about saving $35 dollars.  

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They aren't making any more 2012 models, to try to save a few dollars is risking availability. If you can find what you are looking for NOW at over 35-40% off, grab it, if not someone else will.

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I would buy from STP as well, 35% coupons are easy to get, every other day there is one, you might wanna take some risk and wait for a 40% that shows up once or twice a month. Of course, if 166 or 173 are what you are looking for

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I "liked" you guys on Facebook, where are we supposed to submit out email?
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There is an app on our Page. If you go here: You should be able to submit your email and be signed up.  

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