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The lift equation says that lift goes up by the surface area, and the velocity squared. The surface area is the length x the width, not just the width. 100, 160, and 220 lb. people don’t all ski on the same length skis. Ignoring length can give an error in the estimated width from 5% to as much as 10%. For a rough approximation, say that the 100 lb. skier skis on 170s, the 160 lb. skier on 180s, and the 220 lb. skier on 190s. Then to get the same lift as a 220 lb. skier’s 190 cm long 107 mm wide skis, the 160 lb. skier would need 82 mm wide skis, and the 100 lb. skier 54 mm wide skis. Not a biggie, unless they're your skis.