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Ski for Jr Racer

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Age: 7

Weight: 38 lbs

Height: 3"7"


My son is starting his second season of ski racing.  We are looking for a good Jr ski that won't break the bank.  Our challenges are that he is small and very light.  Right now we are looking at the Head Supershape Team LR.  Not sure if this will be good enough or if we should step it up to a race ski.


He trains 3 days/wk (about 8 hrs total) with 7 races throughout the year.  We mountain ski as a family about 15 days/yr.


He is a fearless skier with great technique who enjoys racing, although the terrain park and skiing trees are his real love (I won't let him do freestyle just yet).


At his age/size does the ski matter that much?


Thanks in advance for your input.

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Welcome to Epicski!

rossi/dynastar used to be the softer/cheaper race skis out there, but with the new specs i'm not sure if that changed.

might wanna look into used skis if you wanna keep the budget low, especially since he's still very young...

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Any dual event or SL in the right length will work. None of these development skis are too stiff and can be used as all mountain as well. Buy them used to save on cost unless you can find them cheap.

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at 38lbs and 7 years old you will be well served by even the basic kids ski like the Dynastar Team Speed or whatever equivalent model your local store has (sorry only really familiar with Dynastar)

the two event skis and similar skis will work great when he hits 50+ pounds until then you won't find on ethat will work for a kid his size

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