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New Ski App (free!)

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Just found a new ski app called Ski the World which offers lots of information on more than ski resorts worldwide (eg. current weather data, snow depth, open trails and so on). I think it might be quite useful.


You can download the app here:

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You just found it? No connection to it yourself then? smile.gif
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Spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs and spam.

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SkiMangojazz and all are so on target!


Spam spam spam since just view profile. Just joined several days ago,,,,( to post message).


Please people ( who want to market products) this medium is NOT the way to "sell" your products" It turns skiers OFF your products!




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I have the power to flag a post and hide it when it appears overly spammish. 


However, this is...first of all FREE with no obligation to purchase anything, I don't even see adds to buy other things via the link either.  And, this is also skiing related so I see no need to remove it from the ski forum area. 


Sounds like others disagree so click that little flag icon and escalate it to a real moderator wink.gif  If OP was selling something, or the free product had nothing to do with skiing I'd agree and flag it for sure..


What they probably get out of it is marketing info from you when you download it... in the end no different than surveys about skiing folks post here all the time..

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I don't know if this is spam or not, or if the OP is in any way related to the App, so I'm not accusing. But if it is spam, even if free and 'harmless' i absolutely dispise deceptive advertising of any type......oh, I'm sorry, I must be thinking about all the political adds I've seen lately!
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Nothing wrong with free...

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Step away from your phones...

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