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McCall, Idaho mt biking

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I am going to be in McCall the end of spring break. The primary emphasis is a family ski vacation. However, I am bringing my mt bike. Anyone riding in that area? I would like to put in some saddle time a couple of days. I am not expecting much if any single track to be rideable yet.
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When's your break? Doubt anything is dry enough in McCall to ride until well into May. Boise is still too wet to ride without destroying the trails.

Hope the skiing is better than the riding....
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I am going to be there next week. The feedback was that McCall has lots of snow. I decided to bag on the bike and just plan on skiing. It will be a good break for me and it keeps my life simple. I won't loose any conditioning. If anything skiing hard pushes my anaerobic threshold. That will be perfect as I begin my first cycling race season the following weekend.
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