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12/6-12/10 Colorado vs. Utah - Page 2

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if you have to go at that time of year and need to plan your trip more than 2 weeks in advance, it's not even a question!  LCC/SLC is the answer.  I think the odds are at about 50% for very good skiing and about 75% at least decent skiing.  This storm was a good start, but they will need a few more to make sure.

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Look at the snowfall for UT vs CO now.  With it being so early in the season and Utah's big storm this weekend, I would say UT for a better base with more terrain open. But a lot can happen in the month

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I don't know if anyone noticed, but Utah is getting hammered from this storm. Looks like LCC will end up with about 40 inches of snow from the storm. Not too bad. I think even the PC areas will hit 2 feet.

Yeah i was watching that on radar.  Man, wish i LIVED in SLC right now.  Snowbird is my favorite place - have had some epic days there.  

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