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Indications for buying and fitting in Park City

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   I'm an intermediate skier and can ski only one week per year (hope can spend more time doing that in the future), and would like to buy my first pair of boots. I will stay 5 days in Park City next december, so I want to use this time to buy and fit boots.


   I always heard about the difference between a fitted boot and a rental boot, but don't have any idea how it is in practical terms, since I always use boots from the rental place where I'm skiing. This time I decided to check it in person.


   Please, if you had a good experience with someone (or a specific place), let me know. I will be thankful.


Best Regards,


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Hi max,


read this http://www.epicski.com/a/boot-fitting-which-boot-will-work-for-me it's at the top of this section, print it out and carry it with you into the store----if the fitter doesn't do all that is described in it---go to another store.



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Thanks, Mike. I already read the guides and will take it with me to the store.

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I moved this thread at the OP's request. 


Brent Amsbury Park City Ski Boot is a top notch boot fitter 

I know you've tried to get in touch with him and hopefully this move to Ski Gear will help you find other options if you can't get in with Brent. 

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Another vote for Brent.  But, I am pretty sure he will be at Big Sky December 7-9 for the PSIA Northern Rockies devision Fall Fest as in previous years.  If you've sent an email be patient.

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Scott Dudivar (Dude) at Cole Sport,  PCMR resort center

People swear by Jan's too.

There's three. At your level that should be fine.... you'll be amazed what a custom boot will feel like and perform over a rental. Also, look for bargains but don't be afraid to pay full price if it's high season. As we state constantly, the boot is the most important part of your everything, so go to a shop in a ski town who guarantees their work and will do all the fitting, shaping, grinding, any custom work included in the price of the boots...get the boots on day one and have them adjusted as (or if ) needed.

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Went to Bootworks last winter. Was really happy with them.  Close to the lifts, good selection, lots of experience and training, excellent equipment.  I would have been happy working with any of the guys.  Great taste in music too.  http://www.bootworks.com/boots.html


enjoy PC.

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2nd Bootworks.

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Thanks for all indications. My intention is to visit at least two fitters and decide which one is more suitable for me.


Regards and a nice snow season for everyone !

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