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Thats not what I'd read over here in the British motorsport press.
When Coulthard had to swerve it was 10 meters BEFORE his braking point on his last lap.
Either very dodgy brakes on that Renault, or something else. We'll never know. He's a touch reckless that Alonso (remember Brazil?), but I like him...
Smithby - That was my point. He knew he could have avoided that touch. But we also know Schumacher in those circumstances. So do Damon and Jaques...
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Mark P, seems like Pablo manages to touch quite a few cars on the circuit.
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Because he's the only one RACING.
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MarkP, surely you don't expect MS just to give up because his tires suck. It's not like MS drove into Montoya. This is racing... we're talking about.
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Pablo was not past Michael when he started turning to the inside. Michael had 3 options, hit the brakes (which he's not going to do), go into the infield on the inside of the turn, or "touch" Pablo's car. Some of it's racing, but Pablo had room on the left side of the track.
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Yes thats the point I was trying to make in my earlier posts.
Maybe I'm being too subtle.
Montoya knows that Mickey won't back off in such a situation, He never has and never will. That why he hasn't already got six championships under his belt.
Montoya's playing the percentages with him and winning.
How many times has he past him on the track now? More than Ralf thats for sure.
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All quiet on the F-1 front of late.

re: British GP...

Just to say Helluva race by Rubens. Kimi's learning. Nice salvage job by DC. Anyone seen Jacques lately?

MAN, I love that circuit.

Fox, how'n the heck do you pull strings to get out on the track like that?


Go McLaren MBZ

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Has everyone lost interest?
I "watched" the race Sunday on the web at When I got home and watched the tape it was a pretty exciting race. Lots of passing because of the two safety car incidents. I wonder if there weren't more passes than all the rest of the races this season?
The fact that a RED car won didn't spoil my enjoyment any either.

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Michael charges...

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Hey, wait a minute, it looks like Michael is on Rossis. Volkl made a MS edition P40 F1, and he is skiing on Rossis?

BTW: If they had made a pair of Hakkinen P40 Platinums, I would own a pair, but I already had F1s.
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Epic, maybe Rossi did sponsor him...
Well Slatz, I did try to watch it, but the reception was bad, and I got tired of seeing F1 cars racing throught the "snow"...
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Its easy to get onto the Circuit. There are loads of holes in the Fences for Marshalls and Photographers etc.
They closed as many up as possible because of the track invasion of 1992 after Mansells stroll in the sun.
Yes, I went on the track. Gotta a stunning photo of 'our nige' from about three feet away.
Them were the days...
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and the Hak P40 graphics?

Paint me a pic.
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That picture is at least two years old(maybe three)(looks a little in the back seat). He also has Nordica Rondenay boots in it. Later I saw the promo for the Volkls.
Brad Langley said he thought Ralf had skied at Topolino. Anyone know about that?
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Right. I didn't noticed the Nordica Rando (TR12 I think 's the name) boots.
But I do recall now him wearing those , the winter after his accident (the one where he broke his foot).
He was wearing those for comfort, maybe.
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This article in a popular English periodical should give you people overseas an idea as to what happened with the chap on the track:

Silverstone Pedestrian Zone
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Funny. Especially the one form P Stoddard.
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Very very funny. I like.

Anyone else see the story that McLaren are looking to sign Montoya? Montoya and Kimi... not a bad team there.
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Originally posted by Johnny Boy:
Very very funny. I like.

Anyone else see the story that McLaren are looking to sign Montoya? Montoya and Kimi... not a bad team there.
At least Montoya has a personality, which can't really be said for Kimi and I could never see Coultard's 'cos his enormous jaw always got in the way.
Heard the same on the radio yesterday ... I wonder where Coultard will end up then ? If it wasn't for the fact that he's a fellow Scot I would say he comes across as a bit of a ****.
Also heard Justin Wilson will be driving for Jaguar with no salary but £25,000 per point.
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Originally posted by bazt:
...Also heard Justin Wilson will be driving for Jaguar with no salary but £25,000 per point.
So, how will he survive on no money & no points?

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As (another) fellow Scot I'd be gutted for DC if he ends up getting punted. He's had a miserable season but still rate him as a driver. If McLaren really want the Pablo/Kimi dream team though I suspect DC will end up somewhere down the grid earning good money in a poor car (BAR?).

I read a story this morning quoting Jaguar bigwigs as saying that Wilson is "under no pressure" tp perform. Which is more than explained by the fact that they aren't paying him!!
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The rumor this morning is DC might end up at JagUar and Webber at Williams.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by bazt:
...Also heard Justin Wilson will be driving for Jaguar with no salary but £25,000 per point.
So, how will he survive on no money & no points?

</font>[/quote]I'm told he works as an instructor at Silverstone and apparently doesn't get a salary as such in his present team either. The guy that told me this is a bit of an F1 nut so I'll take his word for it.

I hope DC does end up with a decent car as it would be a shame to see him fizzle out. I hope he doesn't just disappear like Irvine.
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Everyone is saying what a bad car last years Jag was. No one has pointed out that Eddie must be pretty good to do as well as he did in it. He did a great job at Indy last year, making a move on Heidfeldt a lap too soon after gaining on him all afternoon. If I remember, it was for the last point.

Not looking too good for the RED cars today
Since Michael had the fastest trap speed he must have been running a lower downforce setting. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

How about that camera on a trolly? They've been using one of those in skiing for quite awhile.

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A little better today. Bridgestone is talking about "consistency". Not a good sign I'd say.

Made a fresh batch of Bloody Mary mix for the race tomorrow. Forget consistensy, I went for power on this jar.
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Consistency has done a lot for Bridgestone, their tires seem to stay the same, while the Michelins go from fast to not so fast to fast again. Or on the Jordans, the Bridgestones are just consistently bad. I had such high hopes for that team just a few years ago. I don't remember what tire Sauber is on this year... can we blame Bridgestone for their decline too? I don't thnk it's Heidfeld or HHF's fault. Either one of them could probably drive the MP4-17D as fast as DC does.
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OK, so Silverstone was a good race, Hockenheim had it all.
I won't spoil it for those who haven't just been watching it live, but it was worth watching from start to finish.

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Hockenheim was over for me at the first turn. If the other red car had been involved, do you think there would have been a red flag?
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With Michael's position on the track(right side)it possibly could have made the track impassible with debris. In that case they might have thrown the red flag.

As for the Bridgestones, remember the 2002GA lowered the track record at Fiarano by a second on Michaels first day. It's not that they're bad, it's that Michlin has improved considerably.

I'm not sure how they figure Ralf was the cause of the accident. As I saw it Kimi was off the track on the left and turned into Rubens. Granted there was contact before, but that might have been minor if Kimi hadn't been turning back onto the track.

I have to hand it to Juan Pablo, since Monaco he's been driving very smart. He's looking like a champion now.(no more bonehead mistakes)

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I personally recommend this for a funny look at Formula 1. It isn't updated enough for my liking, but I do recommend the Secret Diaries of MS and Adrian Newey:
Formula Fun
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