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You win, I'm want to be on your team.
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Hard to argue that one.
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Interesting race. Juan Pablo finally kept his head on straight to go the distance. Could this be the turning point for him?
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Turning point? Not sure if that's important. He just won THE most prestigious race. They were describing it on TV over here as being like winning half the world championship, just by getting your name on the winner's trophy for Monaco.
(oh, and he's won the Indy 500 as well, now all he needs is Le Mans to complete the set)
Speaking of Le Mans, I heard about the 1953 winner - Duncan Hamilton. He is considered to be the only person to have won a major race while very drunk. The day before the race the organisers disqualified his Jaguar on a technicality, so he went out and decided to get hammered. Then, they changed their minds and said the team could race. He got in the car, and for the first half of the race, when he came in for fuel stops, etc, the team were giving him black coffee to try to sober him up. He then started to coplain about getting twitchy and asked for no more coffee. The team then gave him brandy during the second half of the race to help.

Like the look of those. Nice body shape. I see there's one for you, one for me, and a T-car, just in case either of us break one of the other two. I hope you have a faster race than me, and finish before me in this instance. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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They do look very aerodynamic. The one in the middle looks a bit like Tonya Harding.
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WTFH, check out the link below the "my team" photo. I'm sure you have also checked out the pit babes in the www.f1-live.com site.

I was up in VT over the weekend and didn't tape the race. It's tuff getting old.
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Originally posted by epic:
...The one in the middle looks a bit like Tonya Harding.
That would concern me a bit. Do you reckon she might push her competitors off the road like Senna or MS used to do?

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I was thinking maybe she is what keeps happening to Rubino's car!
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WTFH, just because Senna made a calculated move to run into Prost in the first turn of the first lap in Japan to make sure he won the championship, is no reason to compair him to Tonya. Well, on second thought... sometimes "that's just racing".

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Originally posted by ryan:
my team
Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
Like the look of those. Nice body shape. I see there's one for you, one for me, and a T-car, just in case either of us break one of the other two. I hope you have a faster race than me, and finish before me in this instance. [img]smile.gif[/img] S
Hi gang!

Sorry to be a stranger, I boogered my right should closing day at snowbasin. But, more to the point.


Can I please be on your team? I'll work for food . . . . hell, I'll cook.


In the past, there has been talk - by the better funded teams - of three car teams. I cannot think of a better time to start.

Is there a signing bonus? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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ryan, did you know there are other photo's with four team members?

Or were you in contract talks with her ?
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"spirited" negotiations ongoing... [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

[ June 06, 2003, 09:02 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Did anyone catch "Trading Paint" on SPEED? I missed all but the last 5 min. I wonder if they will rebroadcast it?
Gordon sounded pretty psyched. At one time there was talk of giving him an F-1 test. I wonder if he'll persue it now?
Montoya seemed polite but then he never seems to be overly emotional.
Anyway, an interesting diversion.
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no. had heard about it, wanted to watch it, missed it. grrrrr.

but i did find this

[ June 12, 2003, 07:18 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Interesting read. Thanks ryan.
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I watched it, it was very cool. Gordon braked soooo early the first couple of laps. I was psyched to see him lock-up a little at turn 1 later on. He said the brakes hit so hard he felt light-headed, and felt all his blood go into his face. I've never been a big Jeff Gordon fan, but I have much more respect for him now. He won't go to F1, but if he did, it would be great for the sport. Of course, they probably said that about MichaelAndretti too....

Montoya on the other hand could very well end up in NASCAR when he is done with F1. Apparently Chip Ganassi has been trying to get him there.
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I have friends who are away this weekend. Something about driving their old sports cars to some town in Northern France to watch some endurance race or something. I wish I was going with them.


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That's right! It's this weekend.
I suppose Audi will dominate again.
Is Johnny Herbert driving for Bently this year?
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I think Jeff felt like Annika, lots of fun but, I'll stay where I am thank you. It was cool watching him mow the lawn with an F-1 car.
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Thanks Ryan,
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looked like michael had stuff left if it had come to it. i really enjoyed the insight/perspective from townsend bell, the f-3000 driver who provided the color. also enjoyed alonso turning quick laps.

they're re-running "trading paint" mid-week on speed channel.
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Actually it was last night. I taped it and watched later.
Looked like they both had a good time.
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Doesn't anyone have anything to say?
What about Montoya And Michael?
How about that deal with DC and Alonso?
Not the most boring race. It's a new season and the rules seem to be getting the desired effect.
I ended up stuck in the middle of nowhere(Manawa WI) and had to settle for tape last night.

Reminds me, did anyone notice in the movie "Hotshots" where Charlie Sheen and his native American father were talking with sub-titles? What they were really saying was the names of Wisconsin towns.(Oshkosh, Sheboygan, etc.)
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I have.
Congratulations Ralf on passing your brother on the track for the first time. About bloody time too.
Congratulations to Alonso for brake testing Coulthard (at least twice), hope you got what you wanted.
Congratulations Montoya on everything. About time we saw some gutsy overtaking.
I notice the only person to not complain about the move was Michael himself. Kudos.
Shame on Ross Brawn. Sour puss.
Go Williams!


[ July 01, 2003, 03:31 AM: Message edited by: MarkP ]
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Michael didn't complain, but I hope he gets even. I think he got cut off on that corner.

Alonso...gaper move.
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I'm sure Michael knew that his tires sucked, there was nothing he could have done.
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Lucky - 'cut off'? Surely not wearing rose (red) tinted spectacles are you?
Its a sad day indeed for F1 if moves like that are being questioned.
Smithby - There WAS something he could have done. He needs to have a chat with Alonso...
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Mark P, Michaels car was under stearing in that corner where Montoya passed him. There was nothing he could have done, other then to slow down sooner, or give up earlier. As far as Alonso and DC, I'm not sure why Alonso slowed down so soon. I'm sure DC had a few words for him.

Does anyone know where I can find a photo of DC fliing through the air, it would make a great screen saver.
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Montoya's move looked OK to me. Michael's tires were way off. Montoya never would have caught him if he hadn't been lapping over one second per lap slower. It looked like MS's car pushed out and made contact.
According to the data Alanso did not brake early. It sure looked like it on the replay though.
Looks like Ferrari has a fight on their hands. At least it won't be boring.
FORZA FERRARI [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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