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Do I smell sour grapes? Hey, is ryan on vacation? He has been very quiet.
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Doesn't look like Rubens is going to worry about pulling over this year.
That new McLaren had better be quick if Kimi and DC are going to stay in the fight. There's a Jag and two BARs ahead of them this morning.
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In case you don't have access to a TV broadcast for the Grand Prix, go here, and you'll get live radio commentary...

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So, do you think Intertech will be supplying the refuelling systems next season?

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Looks like Lucy is about to pull the football away from McLaren...again.

The ponies are prancing. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Yeah, Michael took Kimi guite easily in a "staight fight"
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I'm also a little slow in finding this thread. I had no idea there were so many F1 fan's. I will say that since the Mansell, Senna, Prost day's with the exception of Schume, F1 has not been the same. I used to go to Canada for F1 from 86' to 01'(yes I know there was no race in 87'). It got to be to many people at the track, so I no longer enjoyed it.
I just had a chance to watch my first race of the season, Austria, you have to give MS credit, he really know's how to get the most out of a car. Look what he did for Bennetton, then Ferrari. I wish there was another driver out there that could keep up with him. Then may be it would be like the "old days".
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Now there's a thought:
MS v AP v AS
I don't think Schumacher has as much aggression as Senna, although it's close. Neither do I think he is as tactical as Prost (I believe that Ross Braun is the the real brains in that department).
I reckon if you could get the three of them on track in would be an interesting race. Others I'd like to see in that race: Fangio, Hunt, Moss and Stewart.

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Mika was bookending championships not all that long ago. And give Kimi a few miles. MP4/18 on the track...
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barnboy, you can't really be serious, in equal cars, shume would drive circles around Mika. Everyone knows that.
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hey, ya know, yerright. i must be crazy. in fact, now that you've awakened me, i can't believe they even bother to have any cars other than red ones on the circuit. in fact, they oughta just stick michael on the podium - top spot, of course - every race, no need to actually even run it.

Smithby (or anyone), as you've obviously seen many races to reach the conclusion that "everyone" agrees with, what do YOU consider to be the most exciting and/or "biggest" pass in the past five or so years. Why?

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I belive it was 1987 Hungary, Mansell set up Senna and passed him coming out of a right hander when Senna got held up by a back marker. Everyone thought there was no way you could pass anybody at that track. There are other passes or attempts that include Nigal, almost to many to list. Mansell attempts a pass on Burger at San Marino 1990, gets pushed off into the grass spins, when the car comes back on the track, he is on gear and ready to try again. Indy cars, Nigal kisses the wall at speed with the right rear and still places will.

There are others that include Rosburg and Pique.

As you can tell i'm a big Mansell fan.

Have a good weekend. PS my son is a hugh shume fan. I only wish he could had seen Senna drive in the wet at Canada, but he was only 7 when Ayrton died. He has seen Micheal drive.
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Mansell also the guy who backed up a champ (indy) car championship to the f1 crown he'd picked up the year before.
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Reminds me of the story I heard last year after Indy.
Seems a local cop stopped MS for speeding and asked "do you think you're Nigel Mansell"? Michael said "actually I'm Michael Schumacher". To which the cop said "exuse me, who?"
Did anyone see the article in the April 27th issue of Sports Illustrated about Michael?

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Yes, the same Mansell who in his first indy car event, was on poll, set fastest lap, made a extra pit stop, and still won the race. I can't remember the exact reason for the extra stop, but I think it had something to do with a black flag, or a 10 second penalty.

I could lok it up if I had too.
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(back to passes)

If you didn't see this, no description of mine would suffice, but here's something, with a little context included.

"The Pass"

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I remember watching that race on TV. I have always liked the races at Spa. I wish there were more tracks like that.


It sounds almost like what Senna did to Deamon Hill in Barzil in 93, I watched that Sunday night 9PM on Speed.
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As far as "the pass" goes. It had rained that morning and MS had put in exta downforce for the wet. It dried sooner than expected but not before Mika went off in the wet and relenquished the lead. That was the only part of the track where he had an advantage. Michael would pull away everywhere else. While it was a gutsy move it was basicly a straight line and putting a wheel in the grass at that speed was no problem because of the inertia.(kept him going in the same direction)
Not what I would consider a class act. However I do consider Mika to be very much a "class act".
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criminy. whatever. you mike/ferrari guys are too much. literally. i bring up the notion of passes and when the boy gets beat, here we go again with the reasons and the qualifiers and the this and that, damn near everytime, rather than, for example, discussing a pass that sticks out in your mind. which is what i thought i'd solicited.
call me french, 'cause i surrender.
it's all yours.

[ May 28, 2003, 11:24 AM: Message edited by: barnboy ]
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I hope you don't take all this too seriously. I like a spirited discussion with a little good natured ribbing. I saw that race on the tube and that was my take on it.
As a huge Ferrari, then Michael, fan I enjoyed the racing with Mika. As I said Mika came off through all of it as one very classy guy.
Since I, for one American, think that whole deal with France was BS on our part, I REFUSE to accept your surrender.
Oh, ryan, I was playing with left foot braking, like you advised, on my X 1/9 at Das Kurze Klausenrennen this year. It loads the chassis and makes the car "turn in" a lot more positivly. Thanks. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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if i am disallowed surrender, then i am left no option but to race. i respect your take on things, slatz, and remain curious about any standout passes that might come to mind. odds on mark webber getting points?

and where does Monaco fit on everyone's "favorite circuits" list?

i've always maintained that michael's record, by the way, makes it difficult to say he isn't the best driver far and away over the duration of the past several years. i also maintain that for a couple years mika was his equal, despite what "everyone" knows. and you also know that schumacher is simply not my favorite guy, though mika's competitiveness at the end of the 90's did subdue and temper his occassional arrogance. he's become more tolerable, to say the least. i still hate it when he's in the rearview and closing when "my" guys are after the flag.

i think i've posted them here before but it's been easy each year to snag from the ferrari site nice pics from their annual ski trip. rubens looks as if he could use a lesson or two, while michael has obviously had instruction; he looks to ski pretty well. good form. very relaxed and balanced in all the stills.

i'd really like to ski with him someday. (or should i say "into"?)

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Slatz go easy, ryan's a little sensitive about Ferrari and Michael. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

ryan's going for the triple crown this year, Lakers, Mika, and the chowds.

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Dear Lucky,

Hate to break it to ya but Mika retired a couple years ago.
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Dear ryan, my bad, Raikkonen Hakkimen, Kimi, Mika I can't keep my Finns straight.
Didn't Mika officially retire in 2002 after a "year of rest" from competing against Ferrari and Michael.

I love Monaco and hope to attend a race there.

This just in Michael, 1:16.305
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one might say, a Finn again.
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I don't want to offend ryan. I enjoy these exchanges and am smiling the whole time. I don't mean to offend anyone.
When I was at Indy last Sept. the guy next to me said "would you still cheer for Michael if he didn't win all the time?" My reply was, "as long as he drives a Ferrari". I was happiest when Eddie Irvine was leading the championship.
My gripe with McLaren is that Mercedes star. Likewise Williams/BMW.
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If the gripe is because of the engine, it is a Mercedes only by name. (Likewise the BMW). I think that both engines are made in England, not in a German Merc or BMW factory.
(I could be wrong, but that's how it used to be a couple of years ago)

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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
If the gripe is because of the engine, it is a Mercedes only by name. (Likewise the BMW). I think that both engines are made in England, not in a German Merc or BMW factory.
(I could be wrong, but that's how it used to be a couple of years ago)

Fox, I must correct you:
Mercedes only by name and money
(likewise the BMW). Tons of €!

[ May 30, 2003, 04:10 AM: Message edited by: Matteo ]
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The whole sport is British. The manufacturers put their brand on them for advertising and we identify with that. It's the spirit of those rivalries that gets interesting.
When my customers try to justify spending big $$ on an old Alfa or Fiat I tell them, "Italian cars aren't about practicality, they're about passion".
Everyone has this idea of the superiority of German technology and quality. It's fun to see a car with an Italian badge run circles around them in those areas.
Besides, even NASCAR which is the ultimate "spec racing" counts on brand loyalty. Fans like the drivers but are more into what brand they drive.
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Yes, Ferrari will always be my favorite. It just get's that much better in the hands of a great driver. When Williams lost Cannon as a sponsor and they changed there colors, they lost me as a fan, the FW11 in Mansell hands as well as Piquie's was a beautiful machine. Senna's black Lotus was a awsome car alot of our favorites or based on first impressions. I started to follow F1 in 1985 at Detorit. Senna and Porst in 88'& 89' in the Mclearns, there were again, beautiful.

What I like most about F1 is that each team must build there own car.
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