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That wa impressive, now all he has to do is get Reubens to take JPM out on the first corner, and the rac is in the bag...
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That's a possibility but there's also that constructors thing.
Should be a good one.
I'm stuck in Seattle(went to Kells Pub for a pint and some ceol last night) and had to get up at 5:00AM to watch the web(no SPEED channel where I'm staying). I'll be home tonight and at The Blue Moon with a fresh batch of Bloody Mary mix tomorrow for the race.
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I will necver like Ralf Schumacher, but I have to give him props for what he did today. It takes a big man to pull out like he did. On the other hand, if you want to be a cinspiracy theorist, you could say that he pulled out so that he would not have to support JPM's title bid.

My list of drivers that need to leave F1 now:


F1 needs some new blood.
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WAKE UP SLATZ! (Yes, nolo, I am shouting at him)

The GP's about to start
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Hey how about that, Michael wins one. Go Ferrari! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Thanks for the "heads up".
Actually I was back home but had only been asleep for about 3 hours. Our flight go into Milwaukee about 11:30 PM CDT. It was an hour and one half drive home then I had to do some chores before bed. On the flight out of Seattle Phil Mahre was ahead of me when I boarded the plane. I recognized him and spoke to him briefly. Only one other person asked "who was that? Phil Mahre?" I think he was on his way to Mid-Ohio for the SCCA runoffs. He didn't say that but did say that he was still racing cars. (How many know that he was first and Steve was third in GT-1 class at the 91 runoffs?)
I made it to the "Moon" about 6:35 AM CDT. The Bloody Mary was just the ticket.
Pretty exciting stuff when Michael and Juan Pablo went wheel to wheel there. I think that's twice for each on exchanges. Juan Pablo passed Michael at Interlagos(I think it was) And spun him in Germany(?). Michael Passed Juan Pablo in Australia(?) last year and kept his lead now. Those are the only times I can remember them going wheel to wheel. Oh yeah, Indy 2001. They were side by side into turn 1 when Juan Pablo late-braked but Michael kept the position. Later Juan pablo did the same thing and made the pass.
I've got my room for Indy. Can't wait.

Correction: Phil was at a promo for a ski shop in the Twin Cities. One of my team dads is a Mountain Hardware rep and was there too.

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Ruebens is quick. Michael swept the track but I'm betting he'll be fast tomorrow. Still Trulli and Alanso are impressive. I'm feeling confident for the RED cars.
I'm leaving for Chicago now and Indy in the morning. I won't be back here until it's over.
FORZA FERRARI [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Have a helluva time, Slatz.

Go Kimi!!!

(Here's to Michael and JPM taking each other out.)(Without injury, of course.)

[ September 26, 2003, 01:52 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Full report please, SLATZ!
I watched it to see if I could spot you in the crowd.

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I didn't see myself. I should have been easy to spot. I had red on and a BIG Ferrari flag.

I got there Sat. AM just after practice started and missed Michael's oops. My freind from Madison that I hooked up with later said it happened right in front of him and he got a picture of the World Champ pushing his own car after practice.
Michael was quickest for most of the second practice after a late start. Trulli nipped him at the end.
For qualifying Michael turned into #1 about a car length early and went too direct at the apex of #2.(ski coaches version)(I was right there up high and had a perfect view) This caused him to make a correction to get back on line and loose about .2. He said on the TV interview later that being behind in the first sector caused him to push too hard and blow the second sector. (as we found out later, he was carrying extra fuel too)(I was hoping that was the case but I have to admit, I was pretty bummed)
Race day dawned pretty grey and I thought,"do I hope for rain?"
Our seats were directly opposite tuns #3&4 about half way up in the stands.($75 face, we paid $50 from a "leagal" scalper)(it took my wife less than two minutes to get him down from $100). We had a great view of the braking zone for turn one and could see them all the way to the turn onto the back straight. We also had a "Jumbotron" right in front of us.
Michael made a great start and it was hard to tell wether it was him or Reubens in fourth at first glance. When Montoya bumped Reubens out we had a perfect view. We never heard them asses JPM the drive-through penalty though(too much noise). There was a lot of great action on our end of the track. TV missed a lot of it. When Michael came out on "drys" after his fist stop there was a huge amount of congestion in 1&2. Everyone was skating all over the place. I think it was Trulli did a complete loop in #4. Michael and I think DC just about came together in #2. We couldn't belive they had chosen drys because it had been pretty wet on our end for awhile. Also the cars were throwing big rooster tails coming down the straight. Montoya and Ralf both had lots of trouble on the back straight. We didn't know Ralf was out when we saw him spin because there was too much else going on right in front of us.
After that most of the action was coming down into #1. I was watching Michael set up Button on the TV when I realized it was happening right in front of me. I looked over as the cars went into turn #2.
Once Micael started to open a lead things calmed down some. I was on edge until the checker fell though. When Montoya started to catch up to Heidfelt I got pretty nervous because I thought it was for fifth(putting him back in the championship). Nick did a great job of fighting him off in turns 1&2 and Montoya seemed to back off.(as it turned out he was a lap down I guess) My wife started to get a little bored as Michael started to run away but compared to last year she had a great time(she was pulling for Ralf)(she does that to bug me)
An interesting sidelight.
I was watching the drivers parade and two guys invited me to join them in the back of their pickup truck. One was from Michigan. When a Corvette went by the guy commented that it wasn't a "genuine" Z06 because, even though it had all the "trimmings" it was a convertible and "we" didn't make any. As the conversation turned to Corvettes I said "they stole the driveline for the C5 from Alfas". His answer was "we took a lot of good ideas from a lot of places". As it turned out, this guy was a design and development engineer for GM on Corvettes. He had worked on the C5 project and was in the process of "flogging" the C6 test "mules". The conversation that followed was pretty interesting(he didn't let out any secrets though)
That's it for now. If I think of anymore I'll add it.
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It's 2:00 AM. Just got in. More later.
OH YEAH! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Good report. ryan, don't feel bad. You still have the Chowds, for awhile.

Go Michael!
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The media is saying that Montoya's penalty cost him the championship. They forget to mention that besides the time he lost punting Reubens off and the long pit stop, he was off the track twice also. If he would of been successful in passing Heidfelt(which he wasn't)he would of had to make up a complete lap and pass him again to improve his finish and be tied with Kimi. I'd say that the drive thru penalty wasn't much of a factor.
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I see on F1 LIve that Montoya's STILL whining about how that drive through cost him the championship. :
He forgets to mention that he was a lap down on the fifth place car(the place he needed to have the same chance as Kimi) I'd say a long pitstop, an accident and two trips onto the grass cost him the race.
Don't forget Michael had a drive through last year and still won the race. A few years ago he went off, broke his wing, had it changed and STILL won the race.
SHUT UP Juan Pablo.
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I agree. Whining is about the worst. (To continue along the lines of citing precedent, Michael's filled his quota bucket over the years with plenty of bitching and moaning, too. )
It would be nice when more people, when they don't get the job done, through mistake or the unforeseen, would just shut up. And be gracious in victory. More and more, that seems to be asking a lot.

Bottom line: That's Motor Racing.

[ October 09, 2003, 10:36 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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In fairness to Juan Pablo, I've always thought he was one of the better ones about saying "I just goofed". I wasn't surprised to hear he left in a "huff". I'm dissapointed to see he's still grinding on it. I could be a Juan Pablo fan if his car was red.
Eddie Irvine took a lot of heat for his "mouth" but I always thought he owned up to his screw ups and didn't make lame exuses.
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Once again Trulli is quick on Friday. Sooner or later he's going to put it all together.
Kind of dissapointed for Ruebens.
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There's a RED car on the front row.
Should be an interesting race.
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YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
A triple:
The race
The drivers championship
The constructors championship
And now, it's almost SNOW time.
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Originally posted by SLATZ:
Should be an interesting race.
Now that's what I call an understatement!

Well done Reubens & Michael
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And for the rest of the cars....see you next year.

Go Ferrari!
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Here's something for the Tifosi to get excited about!
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I see Juan Pablo is switching to McLaren for 2005 :
How do you feel about that ryan?
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DC will either be doing his last laps or auditioning for an '05 drive with a team other than McLaren.

[ November 18, 2003, 07:33 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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