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Ah yes, Planet F-1. I've enjoyed that for a long time. They used to have complete race reports that were absolutly hilarious. I haven't gone there as much since they dropped those.
Good stuff [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Might be another long weekend for the tifosi

The good news is, Kimi and Juan Pablo are right back with Michael.

Looks like DC has been resigned. So much for rumors. He was ahead of Kimi today. Now if Trulli could win with DC second and Michael and Rubens can out point Juan Pablo and Ralf this could turn out OK.

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Still not looking too good.
At least none of Michael's main rivals are up front either.

How about Webber in third?
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If it wasn't for him pushing it onto the grass, he could have been first!
I hear Ralph has a brother who might be good, or he might just be past it...

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Just a note for the old fella who finished 7th - Right foot throttle. It seems he forgot that.

Nice to see a Spaniard on the podium, and good to hear the Marseillaise being played - a great tune to congratulate the British built French team on their emphatic victory

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Could this be the end of an era?
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Yeah, the joke on the ITV commentary was that would he know what to do when the blue flag was waved at him!

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That's exactly what we said.
The SPEED commentator was saying he was lucky for the new system or he wouldn't have that one point. Actually, with the old system he'd be two points ahead of Montoya because third only paid four instead of six.
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Ralf has to take a week to rest after his crash yesterday. Not good.
How about the tire deal with Michlin? Do you think they'll be disqualified?
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Disqualified? Tyre deal? :

I've missed that one. Can you give me the details?

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The rules state the tread width can't exceed 270mm. Appearantly the Michlins roll over on their edges exceeding this when they're worn. Ferrari and Bidgestone determined this from some photos a photographer took at Hungary and protested to the FIA. Subsequently the FIA sent a letter to the tire manufacturers that they would be measuring the tire after, as well as before, the race. Michilin has said their tires have already been made for Monza and they can't change the rules now.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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Thanks, Slatz.
I guess this isn't a problem for the Bridgestones, as they don't have the performance to last that long!

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Apparentley Michelin have come up with a new tyre for Monza. The teams have been testing them for the last couple of days.
There is some suspicion that the new tyre could have been the cause of Ralfs crash.
Alonso and Webber have also suffered left rear failures at the same test.
Also Ferrari want to appeal the results of all the previous races as well. Which is just not good for F1 at all.
Sour grapes methinks.
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I'll go along with the "sour grapes" deal. As much as I want to see Michael win it I'd say lets go from here. They admit that they "couldn't prove it" before now.
Let's have a race.
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Best Title race in years. Lets hope nobody spoils it now.
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I haven't made my motel reservations for Indy. I wonder how that's going to be? I usually wait 'till the last minute because they jack the prices at first and later they come to their senses a little.
F-1 isn't as big here anyway. Last year the motel I stayed at was full of Columbians. I had the only red shirt there.
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Great crowds you get at Indy considering F1 isn't all that popular over there as you say.
Are the people who go genuine F1 fans? or Champ/IRL/NASCAR fans.
Or are they just motorsport nuts.
Also how much are you talking for a decent seat?
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How is everyone doing today?

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Forget the red shirt. It's all Black and White...
(OK, so maybe it's Black and Silver)
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Blue and White... always.
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Considering the size of Indy and the number of available seats(200,000 I've heard)the attendance isn't that good. (80,000 last year I heard) Seats with the best overall view are high up on turn 4 of the oval. These have a "face value" of $75 or $85. We bought ours from legal scalpers for $60($85 face)in 2001 and $50($75 face) in 2002. Seats on the main straight are about $145 face. Penthouse seats were $350 face last year and were available on the street but I didn't ask the price.
The fans seem to be mostly F-1 with a lot of locals who attend every race that's there.(motorsports fans I guess you'd call them) We parked in the infield last year and it took two hours to get out. The local AM radio had a man "in the pagoda" who was taking calls. It was pretty obvious that the people calling in were not F-1 fans and didn't understand much about it.

FORZA FERRARI [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Ferrari RED, the only real red.

On the tire deal, F1 is about pushing the envelope, sometimes you can get away with it, sometimes you don't. I follow F1 for that reason. There used to be fewer rules. But you can still appreciate what the engineers are trying to do. FIA keeps trying to slow them down, yet they go faster and faster.

Great Sport
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Too bad the Ferraris are no longer Ferrari red. They are Marlboro red, have been for quite some time. I'll go for black and silver now.
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epic, thanks for remending me, I know they are Marlboro red. I may be living in the past, Mansells Ferrari was awesome 1989 and 1990. Since Senna, I just can't get excited over the black and silver.
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JPM, provisional pole.
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Nice run by DaMatta too.

Does anyone think DC belongs in the 2nd Mac? I can't imagine that Wurz couldn't do a better job.
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DC has proven he is a #2 driver. And Juan Pablo has, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, put Ralfie in the same position.
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JPM has the flair to win, whereas Ralf tends to have a more stoic approach that gets him there. Not quite hare & tortoise level stuff, but not far off it.

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YESSSSSSSSSSSS! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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