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724 EXP

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One of my friends had a pair of 724 EXPs yesterday. 177, waist was 74mm, tp was 116 (I think). Looked like a skightly scaled down version of the 724 PRO. His initial report was that he hated them. He felt they were much too soft. I figured that I would try them for myself, and give y'all my own impression, but unfortunately, I broke my thumb at the end of the day, so that will have to wait a while.
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Never heard of the 7-24 EXP. Is this a model for next year? Something new? What color are they. Any info would be helpful.

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7-24 exp is an 05 model, it got great reviews at the Aspen Demo last week.
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IG posted photos here a couple of weeks ago. Look down the list of post for something like "new skis" by IG. You'll see the 724EXP looks like the AX3.
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EXP is a "sensorwood" core with a 114-74-102 shape. Same lengths as the 724 Pro. No more G4/AX4 or V-Pro. Looks like
the "Karma" fills in there. 119-87-111 sensorwood shape twin in 169,177,185cms. In their "Mountain" series, they have the "T-Rock"; dimensions,lengths and core same as Karma.
A teleKarma?

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