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Insurance for Ski Instructors...

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... Hi all.


Could you possibly point me in the right direction for Season long or annual Ski Insurance.


I'll be working as an Instructor in Canada this season, and although the ski school cover me for work, they don't for leisure skiing or possesions outside of work hours.

I also hope to be working in the Southern hemishere as an Instructor during next summer.


Do you insure per season or annually?


What Insurance do you guy's use and can you recommend any companies.

Is there a company that specialises in Ski Instructors or those that work in the Industry?


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Well, "liability insurance" is included as part of your CSIA dues.  Health Insurance, is totally different.  Are you Canadian?  If so you are covered...if not, you need "Travel Insurance" that has a health component, that covers skiing.  Most companies have this, but shop around, prices vary alot. Only get the cover for the time you are actually travelling.

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Hi Spudski. I'm in this position at the moment and looking for cover for the season. Where are you travelling from? I've found a couple of companies in the UK that look promising: Flexicover direct and Worldwideinsure.com both look ok. I've heard also that Nomads and Endsleigh do decent cover. With Fleicover their long stay cover can have a ski component added for when you're not teaching. The woman I spoke to recommended putting 1 month cover in but I need to ring her bacj tomorrow as it will only let me do 3 months online. If you're not from the UK, sorry no idea. I hope this helps.

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Cheers for the replys.


Yes...I'm from the UK. I used Endsleigh last season and in NZ over the summer this year.


I've scouted around most of the UK companies. I thought i would ask on here just in case i had missed a trick or two.


There seems to be a designated Insurer for Europe that's very reasonable, but not worldwide.


Just wondering if anyone new of a similar one that covered Canada as well.

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Hello Gents,

I just got insurance for November 15th till April 25th , full coverage for skiing and snowboard including heli and cat ski, in Canada for 165 quid, will not cover you while working, however that is what Work Cover, and the CSIA is for.


I chose the 'discover ski season package' 

Hope this helps

Good Luck and enjoy your season


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