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Hey Matteo - Excellent Result!

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Hey Matteo,
Did you watch the match?
The Italian team has come a long way over the last year. That was a great result for you guys. I just hope it doesn't continue next week against us!

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Fox, what Team?
Oh! you mean the football (European term acceptation) national team!
I'm not really a football fan...but national pride oblige me to
feast in these joyous rare occasions.
And to stay put and blush with shame in cases like the past Japanse-Korean World cup.
I do hope that next match against you (which one isyou Fox? Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland ,England or EIRE?)
will be one of the former rather than one of the latter
As fate dictaes, my son has decided he loves (100% of the italian kids love it, all of them but me) football, and has joined the local junior team.
Hence, saturday's trips to the local hill for skiing are over...
Oh well. I just need to hide my disappointment and go rooting for him every sat afternoon...

You know what they say? That in Italy there are 60Millions National Team head coaches (and each has his own team in mind)
You don't even imagine the uproar that comes every time the Team plays and Roberto Baggio (now 34,dubbed the Golden Ponytail) is not sent for...

[ February 21, 2003, 08:12 AM: Message edited by: Matteo ]
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no no no no no no no!


Six Nations.

You know the one with the oval shaped ball. We (Ireland) are playing you tomorrow.

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Oh boy! I should have known! BTW I did try to convince my son to play Rugby instead of Footbal, alas, in every village there is a football ground, but no Rugby ground (and the footbal
team managers won't even think about sharing the ground with a rugby team, for fear of them ruining the field)
But I can hardly call it the Italian National Team, then!
To obtain those results, they had to call what in Italy are called "Oriundi" ,sons and daughters of immigrant Italians born abroad, and whom usually have the citizenship of their country of birth, but, can ask for the Italian citizenship (often they carry double passport) in virtue of their fathers/mothers.
It's been often used here to boost the results of our National teams in sports where we do not excel like Rugby (which, I do like infinitely more than football) and or Basketball, but in which there's enough interest and the national team successes are used to draw more children (any sports future lies in the young generations, after all. Stating the obvious here) to it.
Any way, I don't think that we'll win. I do hope for an honourable loss.
Trying to find the match broadcasts now!

[ February 22, 2003, 06:35 AM: Message edited by: Matteo ]
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It was a good game today, and not the walk-over some were expecting.
Now all we need to do is beat the French, Welsh and English...

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I'd prefer if you beat England.

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I know
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Right. Indeed we lost, as expected.

Oh well, next year, maybe?
(BTW my secret hope would be to see Italy defeat France...)
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Following their losses to France, Scotland, Ireland and Wales it figures that England should lose to Italy this year. Before anyone asks, I am English.
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Hugh, that's droll indeed.
English ex-pat were the ones introducing football (in its modern form)in Italy, nearly 100 years ago; AC Milan has its name from
the English founders (Milan is the English for Milano)
and its simbol, a Devil, was choosen to mock our Catholic roots...
And yet, Italy has won three world championships (of course it's all past history) and England only one...
Is the same story happening again for Rugby?
How could you have allowed the "grenoullies" to win?!?
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Ireland beat England roflamo. There will be vengance if that happens!! No it should be a good game with a little bit of passion me thinks!!

Italy did a damn fine job on Sunday though which is a bit annoying but well done. You kept the ball tight in the second half and the tight five did a fine job of disrupting the scrum. I think Italy may well be a side to reckon with in a few seasons time.

Can't believe someone has scheduled the Ireland match for Mothering Sunday for God's sake what is that all about. I have to take my Mum and Nan out for lunch - why is there no forward planning I mean seriously who the hell scheduled them on the same day. Pah.
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I've made a bet with a certain England supporter about that match. She will be buying me dinner, and she will be wearing an Ireland top.
As for it being Mothers Day (and yes, 30th March is Mothers Day in the UK, before someone corrects us), in another forum I gave you advice on how to avoid the parent issue.
Heed my advice Luke (sorry, I mean 'Loke'). Use the force.

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