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A little bit of news thus far, I went to REI today and found out that mounting is normally $60 but if you have the $20 membership, already have in the family, it goes down to $40 so not too bad. While at Ski Chalet its $75 for mounting. I think it will end up being getting the skis online because I haven't found a local store with the Fischer Koa 73s. Getting the boots at Ski Chalet since they have what seems to be the largest selection between the two. Then taking everything to REI, I do like the aspect of having the mounting done locally so if there are any issues or adjustments that need to be made I can drive over and have that work done. Ill keep you all posted on what actually happens and how it works out. Thanks again for all the help.

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When you say that they will likely be 1 or 2 sizes too large what do you mean. She wears a size 9 womens what would be a recommended size

Most of us began in boots that were too big because we were looking for something that felt better on our feet than the others.  Our comparison was between street boots (comfort) and rental ski boots (usually awful). Probably a soft flex is the most important thing for a beginning female skier The truth is most skiers begin in what we refer to as "comfort fit" and survive just fine.  It's only as we progress that we begin to notice sloppiness in the boot and begin to desire a more perfect fit. The  epic site Wiki is a good resource.  I have had a rapidly growing son and had to buy him new boots often.  He is an advanced skier.   I purchased "comfort fit" so he would have room to grow and his boots would last 2 seasons.  He survived, progressed as a skier, and I learned how to pull out the liners and use a "crayola marker" to check if he had room without swimming in his boot.  In a few years, your lady will know what she wants and will begin the boot shopping for herself. Either way, she will appreciate the effort you are making now so the two of you can enjoy winter together.

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Mustski is right, the Wiki is a great resource about the importance of a boot fit.  If you go somewhere that doesn't take an actual foot measurement and shell fit, then don't bother buying from them. 

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