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Rossi E98 vs Nordica Steadfast

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Hi all, 

I am looking to expand my one ski quiver to a two ski quiver. I currently ski on my volkl katanas, a ski that I would like to keep as my crud busting powder gs ski. I am looking for a ski that will be nimble and quick, good in bumps, fast edge to edge and have a lot of pop comming out of turns. I prefer to go fast,


So I have been looking around and the rossi e98 has come up as a potential candidate. But I am wondering about the nordica steadfasts because they seem like they would fit the bill. Would the nordis have as much edge grip and pop as the rossis? or would the steadfasts just be better in bumps and soft snow then the rossis? 



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I haven't skied the Rossis so I can't compare them but I am very impressed with the edge grip on the Steadfasts.  Is there some reason you're comparing a 98mm ski to a 90mm ski?

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Well I have heard that the rossis is more of  a hard side ski when compared to other all mountain skis, so I thought that it might hold a similar place to the steadfasts. 

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Haven't skied the Steadfast but believe it to be a good all mountain ski.  I do own a pair of the E98's and bought them to be my western all mountain ski for the trips I take out west.  I have found them to fit that bill nicely.  Depending on conditions I will be skiing at least 60-70% off piste or at least on the steepest runs I can find and the 98's performed quite well in all areas.  As for float, they did better than my next widest ski the AC30 at 80mm under foot so I was happy with that.


I have posted an in depth review of them over in the member gear reviews section if you care to read it.


Good Luck,


Rick G

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Great review, I guess I wondering how different the steadfasts are from the e98s, My feeling is that the steadfasts are lighter and better in bumps and trees but lack the pop speed and edge grip the e98 have

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I enjoy skiing bumps and I found the 98's to work with my "bump style" which would be more finess down the fall line than zipperline down the fall line.  You don't want to get in the back seat though as it does have a stiff tail and you will get launched.  But if you have good technique you will be fine.


Rick G

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As has been mentioned, the Steadfast and the E-98 tend to fall in different categories. The E-98 is much better compared to either the Hell and Back or the Enforcer both of which are the same 98mm width.


IAC, the E-98 has plenty of grip for the 98mm category but tends to feel like a truck when compared to the Steadfast. The SF has plenty of grip and is much more nimble and energetic feeling than the Rossi. In any condition where the term "quick or nimble" seems apropos, the Steadfast is a better choice. In any condition where "damp and powerful" seems better, the the E-98 is the call.



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what i would like to see is a comparison between the

rossi experience 88 vs the nordica steadfast vs  bushwacker

in a variety of conditions, both having similar waists.

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I think Dawgcatching has done that.

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