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Americas Cup

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Wow, the New Zeiland boat looks really rusty, Blown main, blown jib, poor set of a new jib.

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Wow, my brother and I watched in awe! I couldn't belive NZ did not have another jib on deck. dumping that in the sewer and pulling a new jib was a huge killer. They were not going to win that race with the main as bad off as it was but come on, the foredeck look completely out of sorts. I read an article that the water in the pit was somewhere in the realm of 6 tons. That took a boat tuned for 25 ton to 30 ton and it was over. That was the most work Russel had to do in the start yet. Dean did an ok job but gave up the left without much of a fight. Being the first race that's understandable. I just don't know whether Dean is going to go for the jugular so to speak on a start. My prediction, which I've had from the start, experiance and match racing skill will beat engineering. It seems NZ is sort of screwed either way. If this southerly blows out and the wind dies the "Hula" will not be effective. If it hangs out for a while then they are in a similar situation with the excess water in the pit. I personally think the jib they picked overpowered the boat but that's just a layman's prediction. There is some great racing to come.

Go Alighi.
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This looks like the best cup racing I've seen in a while. I was glued to the TV watching race 2. This sure beats the 2 minute horizon jobs we've gotten used to watching. I'm kinda pulling for NZL to keep the cup caus the Gulf is a pretty sweet venue to race. Unless it comes to San Francisco. Somebody(anybody) in the USA should get all the clubs together and say "look people, sending 6 different challengers to the cup is just watering down both the talent on the boats and the resources that can be used." Lets all get together and have 2 challengers, build 4 boats and share all the resources. Bring the damn cup back to where it belongs.
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You can say that again.
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Alinghi wins tonight...20 bucks anyone want that action???
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We are down 3 nil, the country is in despair. Todays race was cancelled due to conditions. A rather impossible task to come back now, but fans are ever hopeful. Looks like Russell is going to keep the Cup. He won it for us, now he is taking it away
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Don't count NZ out with Bertrand Pace in the aftergaurd now. That is going to be a huge boost. This is a new generation of sailors and boats, and I don't agree with the "all is lost" when down by three nill comments that the commentators have been hinting at. I don't expect NZ is going to win but I would be willing to bet race 4 is going to be very close and NZ could very well take it. I'm very suprised that the "hula" and additional sail area NZ has, has not produced a spead edge either upwind or down. Alinghi made a smart move in not trying to fashion a last minute hula.
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Race 4 has not eventuated yet, last two days have been cancelled due to light and shifty winds. They have agreed to try again tomorrow (Monday NZ time), which was supposed to be a rest day. The country is definitely on edge waiting ...........
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WOW! Another really bad break (no pun intended) for TNZ! To loose two of four races to technical knock outs is a new occurance for AC racing. I think Alinghi made the right move doing as much prep work on water as they did. TNZ may have spent to much time in the shed and not enough time on water breaking some of this stuff before the AC started. I noticed that again there was a significant water in the leeward pit problem as there was in the first race when the boom exploded. That could be your culprit.
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What I don't get is how last time around every commentater was praising the Kiwis because they didn't have a defender series, they came out fresh and really took it to Prada. This year they do the same thing and their "not ready"
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Well it's offical. I'm booking flights to Europe for the 2007 LV or AC. Congratulations Alinghi. I think this is easily the best sailing team ever. I have to say I was disapointed at the non-aggressive nature of TNZ. I thought for sure with Pace in the aftergaurd that would spark some seriously great tactic/tacking duels. The seemed content to sail in a straight line and gave up the favored side of the course every time. Another technical failure as well???? I have to think that if someone had eased that kite sheet just slightly they would not have broken that pole. I guess it's time to stop watching and get my but on a boat.

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Alinghi deserved to win, better sailors and better boat. I think the boat let us down, the crew appeared to be too scared to push it cause it kept breaking. There has been discussion in the media that they had not tested it in rough conditions enough because they were scared to wreck gear because of budget constraints. But then last night the CEO said they had enough money, so who knows. No doubt there were will more opinions expressed over the next month or so. Alinghi were just smarter than us, certainly made better tactical decisions. You'd think after all their racing thru the Louis Vutton that their boat would be starting to get 'tired' but it out lasted our boat which had not done any real racing except against its own team.
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