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Boots for Wide and Flat feet

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Any suggestions for boots for wide and flat feet (intermediate skier)? From what I've read, it seems that the high volume boots for wide feet tend to be good for people with higher arches, so that seems like I may have a problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

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My dad is an 8.5 EEE with flat feet and he uses Atomic boots. Hope that helps.

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At one time recreational boots were wide, mid line boots were average and performance boots were narrow. While this still holds true overall, many manufactures make some boot shells in their line up wider and then make them stiffer for higher performance levels. And then some boots like the Salomon Custom Shell boots can be heated so the shell expands to your width.


Atomic makes 2 boot shells for recreational skiers, the Hawx and the Live Fit. They make each in different stiffnesses. The Hawx fits average to narrow while the Live Fit fits medium to wide. The Live Fit is unique in the market. Atomic put rubber inserts in place of the hard shell by the ball of foot and little toe. This allows the boot to expand in width if needed.


The 90 flex is probably what you'll need. Take a look, http://www.alpineaccessories.com/Atomic-LF-90-mens-ski-boots/productinfo/A2LF90/ .



Alpine Accessories

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Atomic LF 120.  This is your boot.  Super wide.  It comes in varying stiffness. 

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Aside from obvious issue that few makers get it that you can be an expert skier with wide feet that won't accept a 96-98 mm last, biggest problem is that "high volume" or "super wide" are stupid concepts on which to base a mold design. A high volume foot can be normal width but fat and high, or very wide but low, or thick all around or just big in front; very different shapes, very different fit issues. IME, most "high volume" boots are actually for meaty, high instep feet, and makers assume that said feet are just large everywhere. Wide low instep feet need not apply. So if you're latter, you swim in a wide/high volume last, or you get your sides cramped in a lower volume model that fits across instep and ankle. So nothing works well. But if he's wide the whole way, IMO Dalbello, Nordica, Atomic, and be prepared to get a custom liner for the empty spaces. If just in front, with narrower heel, then Salomon, Head, Lange, and be prepared to have things stretched. Technica and Rossignol seem to split the diff. Cannot speak to others. 

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This should probably in Ask the Boot Guys"  since they are some of the most knowledgeable people on the continent.  They have the experience to know what will and will not work.  Regardless, if no one can fit your feet properly consider getting a custom boot from Daleboot (you can visit them when you fly into SLC).  It probably won't cost you much more and they can build a boot to fit any feet as opposed to modifing an existing boot.  So if you are an EEEE, you may not have many choices.  EE?  Probably no big deal for an expert bootfitter.

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 Always best to consult a reputable boot fitter or you run the risk of buying big rather correct fit.

 I have triple e wide and totally flat feet, I wear a custom orthotic in ALL footwear. I ended up in Head adapt edge 100 boots, they are adjustable by turning a screw. They are not a performance boot IMO FWIW but they fit me like a glove so I'm comfortable which is most important, if you need a stiffer flex it may be possible that a bootfitter could help you out somewhat.

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Those atomics are your answer, that and custom insoles.

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Thanks for all the help; definitly going to have to try those Atomics, they sound like what I'm looking for.

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