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I know, they are two very different skis. One skis poppy and quick and the other charges. Maybe not charges. One is stiff and the other less so. What I am interested in however is their performance on any condition, and how they compare. (ie. the Opus is better in pow but worse in ____.)


I am 14 yrs

145 lbs


Advanced Skiier

I enjoy all conditions except for slush and ice, and obviously prefer powder.

I often ski in trees/gladed runs, on steep, short, technical chutes, through shallow to mid sized moguls, on groomers and through just about any other condition Wolf Creek has to offer.

We get 465" a year and very few skiers to boot, so each year I get quite a few pow days in. Even last year, which was a very "bad" snow year, I managed to get in about 8-10 pow days out of the 25-30 days I spent on the slopes. (We still recieved 390" that year, which is still a relatively large amount.)      


From what I've read the Opus seems like it would do well on our resort, and I know that the Sidestash is an amazing all mountain powder ski, since I skied on it in the 11-12 winter. Currently I am leaning toward the Opus because of it's playful, snappy behavior and powder/all mountain performance. I am still hesitant on the Opus's performance on crud/chunky conditions, as well as this ski's stiffness. Is it too soft for very tracked up powder and windblown/bulletproof? Any way, all info on these two ski's performance would be very helpful, thanks!