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Sky Sports - annoying!!!

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So, there I was last night in my hotel bedroom trying to find something good on TV, when I remembered that on Monday nights, Sky Sports 3 shows the previous day's American Football. I'd avoided reading the result in the papers, and thought that it would be good to see the Oakland/Tenessee match. (I find American Football quaint) I watched the first two periods, with their commercial breaks, then at half time they had a longer commercial break, but what was the main trailer during the break? Yes, you guessed it, the main trailer during the break in the match was announcing that next week they would be showing the Oakland Raiders playing in the Superbowl. So, half way through the match they decide to give away the result.

I didn't think this encouraged me to stay tuned.

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Yeah, that does bite the big one. But 'quaint' would hardly be the word to describe American Football.
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