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Hi everyone,

I am just curious to see what skis you think ski best on which mountains. I know that there are a lot of factors such as what you like to ski, conditions, style, etc. But I am interested to see what all mountain ski would best capture your mountain's feel. 


I am from PNW and my home mountain is Crystal mountain. We get a lot of snow but it is very heavy and wet, (hence cascade concrete). So a good all around ski for Crystal mountain would be one that could handle some deep snow and then bust the heavy crud it turned into latter. There are only one or two mogul fields at Crystal, and the bumps are pretty big and far apart so technical bump skiing is not essential. Rarely if ever any boiler plate, and the runs at crystal are groomed regularly. Trees can be dense and there are some chutes for those seeking backcountry. Overall a ski that is in the  95-110 category, and a little on stiff side works well. 


Some skis that work great include, but are not limited to,


-Volkl Katana

-Blizzard Bonafides

-Kastle BMX98



I see a lot of skis at Crystal covering every catagory of ski, and indeed a lot of k2's and Line's, but these ski are a little soft for everyday conditions, not that it gets icy, but crud is crud. In general a ski with the above characteristics tend to help you out on the average day