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Can you recommend some bindings for me?

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I'm a novice. I just moved to Colorado for my first full season of skiing. Previously I have about 10 mountain trips under my belt, 3 boarding, 7 skiing. I am aggressive though new.


Just got fitted for a full SureFoot setup and I am picking up Icelantic nomad RKRs this friday (181). I'm 5'10 and 160lbs.


I'm been searching for some bindings on Craigslist and really all I've found are Duke AT bindings. I probably will get into some back/side country later but for now just need to focus on resort skiing.


I need a binding that is decent but not too expensive since i already blew my wad on the boots.


I've been told the boots matter more than the bindings/ski at this point.


There is just so much information and I'm a little overwhelmed at all the options and terminology and buried under work right now. I'm hoping one of you seasoned experts can help with some suggestions to look for. I have some pro deal options from friends and also I know the operator of a Christy's sports so I might be able to get a deal on a demo or something.

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Yes... focus on resort skiing. Aside from just learning to ski, there's much to learn about snow that will keep you alive in the BC. Respect for what you don't know yet is crucial and will help with life expectancy.


Bindings... Anything  DIN 12 and under will be less expensive, absolutely fine for your size/weight/ability, and save you some money. Rossi Axial's or the Look Equivalent, Marker, Tyrolia, Salomon... We all have our personal preferences grounded in both fact and fiction. Bottom line though, there really isn't anything 'bad' out there. 


Oh... demo bindings are heavy, lot's of ramp angle on many, and in general, something I'd avoid if you have other options.

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Thanks for the reply. Not sure what ramp angle is?


So i guess my objective mostly would be to know actual make and models to search CL for, since when searching now the vast majority or listing are for ski and bindings combined. I'm looking for just the bindings. Any watch outs when looking for used bindings is appreciated as well. BTW my boots are 26.5.



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I found these Markers:




The Nomad RKRs are 105 mm underfoot. The abover Markers are 90 mm brakes - so those won't fit correct? I would think brakes are replaceable, if so how difficult?


I also found these Tyrolia Mad Flex 15 DIN:




Any feedback on these two options?




One more question - so I will take these to a ski smith to get the bindings mounted right? The nomads are already tuned from the factory. So I need to take my skis, boots and bindings to a smith - any recommendations in the colorado resort areas?

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I would have more faith in that $50.00 Tyrolia than that $150 Marker. Either one though you will be spending another $40-50 on a wide enough brake for the Icelantics. You can get NEW PX12's (or Salomon Sth12 O/S) for $199 that will come with a wide brake and as about as beefy as you will need at 150lb. 

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In addition to what Phil said, unless you plan to mount the bindings yourself, if you buy them on craigslist you're going to have to pay a shop to mount them anyway so you won't be saving that much money.

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