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Is custom outerwear the future?

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Skiing Business just recently posted an article - Is Custom Outerwear The Future?


I'm curious to hear other people's opinion on custom outerwear: 


Is custom outerwear interesting to you? 


Do you think there is an increasing need or want for custom outerwear? 


What type of outerwear would you want custom? (jacket, pants, base layers, gloves etc.)


Any other thoughts would be interesting to hear as well. 

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So, how much does this stuff cost?


It doesn't sound too interesting to me unless it's the same or better quality with equivalent pricing to what is now available.

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It's interesting to me if quality, features, warranty and cost are reasonable.  It would be nice to find stuff that fits reliably.  With a 29" waist, it's hard for me to find pants that work.  As for jackets, it seems that sizes are all over the map, depending on brand, style, etc.  Some are more fitted; some are for fat Americans.  Some have wide shoulders.  Some have ape arms.  I can't even rely on some brands to keep their sizing consistent from year to year.


The thing is, I doubt this stuff can be done for reasonable prices.  And if all the customization involves is colors and adding/deleting zippers, I'm not really interested.

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Great insight. I agree that all brands are different from one another when it comes to sizing. Some brands focus more towards a "fitted" look, while others go for a more functional/baggy look. 


What are your thoughts on custom made products that are manufactured in the US? Would this have an impact on your overall purchase decision? 

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A lot of name brands are sewn in Pakistan or China, if US made could compete price wise I would look into it especially if it were custom sized. I would spend my money on boots and skis, and save money on soft goods so price is the key factor.

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I have no bias against China.  I have bias against poor quality.  My Chinese-made iPhones have been just great in quality.


Ironically, to make competitive custom outerwear is likely to require low labor costs.  That pretty much means it'll be made in China, or made by robots.  Which do you think is more cost-effective?

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I have my suits made by tailor in Saville Row, shirts by my shirt maker in Jermyn Street in London. I even have an umbrella made to my measurement, so why not outwear if they are cut well and of good quality.

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 As someone who struggles to find outerwear that fits nevermind in a style I like I would welcome the opportunity of more made to measure gear subject to budget restraints. I have a 36" inseam, ape arms, wide shoulders and boobs! I cannot get womens jackets that cover my butt ,are wide enough through the shoulders and reach my wrists but mens swamp my waist or feel like a straight jacket over my boobs. If the quality/price is right I would jump at the chance of wearing something that actually fits.

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You're behind the times here.




I have one of their soft shells and it's great.  Costs about the same as a good technical shell -- I think mine was about $350, maybe $375.  Made in Seattle.  They have Gore-Tex bibs, pants, and hard shells now too.  Haven't tried those.


I'm 6'6" and around 265 lbs., so it's hard to find technical jackets that fit well.

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I'm well away of Beyond Clothing and what they do. 


Does personal style have an impact on anyone here? Would you appreciate wearing a piece of outerwear that was one-of-a-kind, yet still affordable in price? 

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