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Mountain magazine

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I received something from Mountain Magazine asking me to subscribe. I like looking at ski/mountain related magazines, but don't know anything about it. Anyone know if it's legit/good/expected to stay in business for next year?

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Well, I got asked to subscribe, had the impression it was free and that it was PAPER, but all I've been getting is the digital emailed version, which I confess to never reading as I am also getting two other digital ski magazines, which I never read either...I file them, though, just in case I decide I want to someday.  LOL.

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A nice website complements a dead tree rag that I have not seen.


With space at a premium, I refuse to subscribe except.........


I am a total slut for Mountain Gazette Lacking in gear related minutia, the MG has stories poetry and artwork you will not find in other Mountain centered rags.  Dick Dorworth has an excellent bit in the Skier's issue


Mountain Magazine appears to be a pre yuppified Outside.  Let's hope that it does not meet the same fate.

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Mountain is probably one of my favorite mags. I've never subscribed, but I pick up free copies at the Outdoor Retailer show, and it's often one of the first I read from about a dozen free mags I pick up there.


The description of pre-yuppie Outside is pretty good - I haven't seen any iPads in its outdoor gear lists, so that's a plus. It covers all kinds of mountain sports, including a lot of skiing content in winter. Pretty good gear reviews and lists by "Gear Swami" and a lot of general lists i.e. top 80 summer adventures, ski resort guide, best skis, etc. Not the deepest magazine (a lot of real estate an ad space in back), but it does have some pretty interesting features and short articles.


The summer issue was particularly good - stories about ski touring Wyoming's Wind Rivers, hiking UT's King's Peak, mountaineering the Grand Traverse and brewery-bicycling in the Blue Ridge Mtns. It gets some contributions from writers I recognize from other magazines. Last issue had Rob Story (I believe he writes for Powder and other ski mags), Kelly Bastone (Backpacker), Lee Cohen (does a ton of photography for ski mags) and Mike Horn (Backcountry and Kronicle).


Don't know anything about its business, but if the subscription price seems decent, it's a good magazine for anyone that likes a variety of outdoor sports. Multi-sport outdoor magazines usually miss (Outside tends to read like a cross between National Geographic, Men's Journal and Sports Illustrated), but I think Mountain gets it right by keeping a tight focus on mountain stories.


Sorry kind of a rambling answer to a simple question.

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