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ARC 225

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I'm trying to find a pair of the old black and yellow  Atomic ARC 225 cm Downhill racing skis. They had the 225 in big black letters on the tails. Does annyone remember these skis? We used to call these skis Bumble Bee ARCs. Can annyone suggest where I might be able to find a pair? I want to break them out for the eightys revival slopestyle. I imagine they would be quite the conversation piece in the lift line.

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Swaps and consignment sales. 




My favorite Atomic graphics. 

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Nice poster! Steve McKenny that brings back some memories.

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My brother had a pair of the ones you are looking for but threw them out a few years ago.  I would think your best bet is in Salt Lake City area with maybe a want ad in craigs list.... they must be from the late 70's as before they were Red like mine from 1983, they were light blue.


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Yep, late 70's, early 80's classic ski.  Swaps in ski towns that have a racing history?  Even then, 30 year old skis often don't make it past the dumpster.

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Hi Dan, I have a pair of those if you are still interested. I'm not actually a skier (too old - too fat)...but they have the Tyrolla 360R "fittings"....I can send pics. Let me know. Thanks!

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Pickgrin and Dan,

Great skis! I have been skiing the early season at Alyeska on vintage "Red Sled" Atomic ARC RS 205s just for giggles... Couldn't find anything longer. Lots of great comments and knowing nods from the over 40 crowd. Kinda of fun to control your turn radius with angulation and pressure also...

Cheers, Ski Alaska
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I'm still very interested in a pair of these skis. Could you send me a picture? Would you like to sell them? I would like a pair for nostalgic reasons if nothing else.

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