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Bindings for rossig?

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So back in March I won my first race since I stopped competing after highschool. One of the prizes was a pair of rossig s86… now I need to get them binded  I work in a ski store as the binding tech and the best bindings I can from the store are Marker Griffons which I’ve never personally been on but I hear great things. I’m split between those and the sth driver 12 or fks 140. I want to keep them light for lots of bumps and trees. What do y’all suggest?


Keep in mind that I am short and light: 5’6’’ and 130 lbs


Thanks in advance!

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Since they are rossi I would go with the fks 140, i like to keep brands matched up.
Also I believe they are the lightest of the 3 but i'm not 100% on that.

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Welcome to Epic.  If you have all three in your shop, get a scale and weight them, then pick the lightest if you want to save weight.

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thanks for the welcome! I'm going to make a decision based on weight and price. All three are good options anyway. 

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