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I had a canoe lesson with my bushwalking club after work tonight!


Sorry - but I just had to say this....

Edit: First lesson..
For those who don't know - any of this stuff is a bit scarey for me

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Sorry for not catching this in the same year .
Work on your grip (w/both hands) that you actually just cradle the paddle instead of using the weekend_warrior Deathgrip.
Upper/Lower body separation is key in paddling(canoe)...just as in riding the boards over the white stuff. Kneel when paddling!...and use lower body for hull_control/balance...upper(torso) rather quiet...and use your back & shoulders for power, not your arms.....and you'll last all day [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I wanted to kneel - it 'felt right' but the damn canoes & kayaks had shaped seats....

It feels as though my body would be happier with the movement kneeling...

Have since been playing alignment at the physio's & he tells me I have good flexibility for rotation & good hips etc - so maybe that is why I WANT to kneel - the guy teaching me seemed bemused that I wanted to kneel
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Mucho apology for not catchin' up with this thread.
What is really great for kneeling are two pads, one that has a rough outer layered material that grips the canoe floor and another pad without the rough, textured outer layer on top...making for 1"+ of foam platform.
The bottom pad grips the floor to give you complete control over the hull and the upper pad makes kneeling a less painful experience, particularly as one adds on a few years...that and add in taking some glucosamine beforehand for ~week and the knees will feel great all summer.
Sitting in the seats makes the canoe somewhat top raising a bicycle's seat ~12" or so....they're great for marketing and for photos, but your COM is so high....stability and balance are compromised. :

$.02 from a paddling addict [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Thanks Haveskis...

I think partly I detest the shaped seat thingies because like most seats they are built for 'average' people... at 5'2" I just don't fit them properly... I keep waiting for cars to come with a choice of seat sizes - at least for the drivers seat...

Apart from using different canoes what can you do when those seats are built in?
post #6 of 7 just have to kneel in front of em'...just find the old knee pads, although with most recreational rentals, they're pretty wide to paddle(stern) and pretty cramped(bow)... :

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Thanks - was made redundant

So new job soon I hope...

If I move closer to the snow may be able to get to paddle with friends in choice of boats... [img]smile.gif[/img]

Will have to wait till we get water though.......
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