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On Saturday the 28th of April 2012 we crossed the seaway between Denmark and Norway with the Stena Saga ferry. On the Oslofjord there was no wind, it was sunny and warm on the deck. We were passing sailing boats, islands and hills sprinkled with cottages and were steaming on to a beautiful destination at six o'clock in Oslo.
We still had a long drive (250 km) to our accommodation. Our small Fiat Panda was packed to the max. The booster seat for my daughter was a pillow filled with bedding. Our holiday daughter was sitting on the blankets. Under the front seats the food was stored. Bundled in an old curtain the skis were lying over the back and between the front seats. And back in the cargo area of we had a​​ sled, 3 sports bags, shopping bag with food and cooking utensils, cooler bag and a large number of smaller plastic bags with stuff that the cavities in the luggage filled.


Steadily going higher, along many lakes, we drove to our first stay in Hovet.
On Sunday, April 29th, my wife drove the Fiat as high as possible between the slopes of Geilo. The ski resort was closed for a week, but on Thursday there was still plenty of freshly fallen snow in the village. Two ladies were lying at the front door of their house in bikini to enjoy the upcoming summer. I stepped out of the car and climbed the slopes which were still firm. With skis over my shoulder I met the winter at the summit (1080 m). Cross-country skiers were very active in the highlands overlooking the rounded top of the nearly 2 km high mountain in the hinterland. I had  a great view to the lake along  Geilo and on the other side of the lake the other part of the ski resort. The snow quality was great during the three long and two short descents that I make! Even the last few 100 meters through the slush could not tame my euphoria.
This is the area where I've skied:


The next episode will follow soon: