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Wondering how the skiing at Flachau compares to the more well known places in the Insbruck/St Anton/Ktiz. areas. This would be for a 3 day mid January trip. All comments appreciated.

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I was there just once ten years ago.  It was great and one of the many lesser known areas in the state of Salzburg that was bigger than I expected.  I think there should be plenty to see and ski in a three day visit and if there's not a ton of natural I think they are pretty good at manmade snowmaking there.  Here's an old trip report with a few paragraphs on my impressions of Flachau:

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 I've not yet been but had favourable impressions from friends who go back there year after year. I would be quite excited to give it a whirl, looks very pretty in photos too.

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Flachau itself is not really all that big and great, but it's far from bad either. It has all brand new chairlifts, which are a bit long for my taste (personally I rather ski on a bit shorter ones, since you don't cool off so much when going up for 10mins in really cold weather). Tracks are wide ranging from WC SL course to easy blue ones. But nicest thing with Flachau is, that it's part of Ski Amade area, ranging from Wagrain, through Flachau, Flachau Winkel, Zauchensee, Altenmarkt, Reiter Alm, Schladming, to Haus. Same ticket applies to whole area, so if you get bored in Flachau, you have another 1000km or so of ski tracks to choose from. With one or two (short and free) bus rides, you can basically ski from Flachau to Haus (which I don't think you can do it all in one day anyway).

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thanks to all for the information!

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A follow -up request for more info:

1. is it true that Flachau is almost all green&blue groomers?

2. where can one go in the Ski Amade region for steeper runs, un-groomed, bowls, moguls?


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I agree that Flachau is not steepest hill of all, but it's still quite ok for skiing... even for someone who spends majority of my time on WC courses :) But if you want more, you have Reiter Alm (in this time of the year it's one of main training centers for many WC teams) some 10km further toward Schladming, and then of course Schladming and Haus.

I'm not really fan of moguls and stuff, so I have no idea where to search for those, since I preffer to avoide them as far as possible :)

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I seem to remember some steeper terrain at some of the highest lift served runs at Flachau. May be pictured here:

And yes I was referring to the greater Ski Amade, not just Flachau, as enough terrain to keep you happy for several days.


Tremendous trip report here from "Porter" that will get you stoked for a visit to the area:

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Zauchensee up the road a bit is steeper and more open, as I remember. Yes, Flachau is generally a cruising area.


Riding the tram and skiiing off-piste down at Dachstein should satisfy any steep skiing requirements you have.


Overall, Flachau is a smaller scale mountain with much less of a resort and international feel, which may or may not be a good thing, depending. Note that Flachau connects directly to Wagrain and on from there, and there's a new cross-valley gondola this year at Wagrain to alleviate what had been a 3-minute bus ride.


St. Anton is truly a great place but it is also THE place that everyone goes. There are a gazillion ski areas in Austria, many of them deserving of equal respect as St. Anton.


cloudcult ("Porter" from snowjournal)

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