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I am a 58 year old advanced skier (sans the jumping stuff).  Can you tell me which Dalbello model I should look for? Not looking of cheap. Thanks.

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Welcome to Epic.

Before discussing any particular model, may I suggest that you go to a local shop and have a knowledgeable boot fitter determine if that brand is compatible with the shape of your feet. That is far more important than whatever iteration you may select.

I say this from personal experience. I owned a pair of Dalbello Kryptons a few years back. I went through the stock liner and a couple of aftermarket lines as well (intuition) but could not make them fit. My feet are low volume (bony) and rather narrow. The boot last of the Kryptons favored a wider hoof and was just not right for me. There was nothing, in the end, that I could do about it except to part company. Found my way to a pair of Nordica Doberman's that fit perfectly right out of the box.

Simply put, while boots have different designs and features, fundamentally, it is all about the fit. Get a boot that has the right dimensions for your size and foot configuration and volume and you will be a happy man.

May I also suggest that you provide more details regarding your experience, expectations and terrain for more pointed advice.

Happy trails.


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To add to the other positive D posts - I had the Krypton Cross with the silver ID liner and after 3 seasons replaced them with the Krypton Pro  with the gold ID liner. For me - excellent fit allowing them to remain fully buckled from day start to day end and, in addition, the warmest ski boot I have owned. They worked well both in the bumps, icy steeps and on groomer zoomers.


As said, there are many models and if your foot is a good match, an excellent boot. I first learned about this boot on this forum via Phil P posts for which I remain grateful. 

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Originally Posted by pdiddy View Post

  I had serious problems with the trufit liners wearing HOLES in my shins, (both).   I Called dalbello, emailed dalbello, called the company, emailed the company, all in an attempt to see if they would be willing to send me a different liner or hell just email or call me back.  Nada, nothing, no call, no email, ZERO customer service.    I would have to say that Dabello has the worst customer service, based on my experience.   Just email me or call me back!!!    CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS

Most big ski industry companies will have nothing to do with consumers--you almost always have to go through a dealer. (It helps if you bought the boots from a shop and not online.)

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