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Detuning Tips and Tail On Rockered Skis

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  When working on my traditionally cambered twin tip skis I would detune the tips and tail about 5cm in.  Is this necessary for rocked skis?  I recently purchased a Head Rock N Roll and a Bluehouse Maestro, both with early rise rocker in the front and some rocker in the back.

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I used to de-tune a bit on all my skis, rockered or otherwise.


Last year found an exceptional tuner and do not need to anymore:




Mike/SkiMD is an exceptional tuner.

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I needed to de-tune the tips of my S7's because of the tapered tips, they liked to go the opposite way i wanted to go in the bumps.  I don't think you really need to detune the whole rocker section, if you're skiing the groomers you'll need it, if your in the powder you wont notice it.  I say ski them and if you find them catching do a minor detune on the hill with a gummy.

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personal preference but I detune powder rocker and soft snow rockered ski the entire length of the rocker and and then a couple of inches below point of contact on both tip and tail.  It allows a more smooth release for slarving and buttering. 

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I think it depends on if the ski has reverse side cut or not. If it does like the s7,or jj then I usually detune from the contact point to the, wont make a difference on groomers but will make them less catchy in powder and crud.

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I guess what confuses me is this "contact point".  Used to be, the contact point lying flat on the floor was the SAME AS the contact point when the ski is up on edge.  Now, it definitely ISN'T the same.  To me, if this is a powder ski, as most of the early rise skis are, the contact point we are worried about detuning would be the "up on edge" contact point, not the flat contact point.  I do know that the ONE day last season I tried my new early rise skis out (on a day that wasn't powder) I about killed myself on a cat track as the skis suddenly whipped me up an embankment.  I didn't have ANY detuning done at that point, because I never detune my other skis.  I rushed in and had them pretty much detune the whole ski and had no issues afterwards, but didn't ski them that long as clearly they were not the ski for the day.  Now I am trying to decide what to do for the coming season.  Thinking of having them brought back to factory spec, then doing my own detuning so I know WHERE I like it, but don't want to risk my neck again.  The FLOOR contact point is closer to the ski's waist than the ON EDGE contact point.  Guidance?

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