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Golf - the next addiction?

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Went to my girlfriend's dad's place over the long weekend, a golf-oriented retirement community outside Phoenix. He's been playing for quite awhile and is now as nuts into it as any ski-crazed Bear is into turns.
I've smacked that little white ball very casually a few times, but not nearly enough to develop any real clues. But I enjoy taking my STUFF out on a couple buckets of balls once in a great while. (I must like hitting things, 'cause it's this or the batting cages.)
Probably since he knows we'll be playing at least one round every year, her dad got me a lesson over the weekend and over the course of that 40 minutes I might've discovered the next addiction (for when I win the lottery; being poor and hooked on skiing is already damaging enough).
The guy got my wrists away from the baseball swing, had me using the shoulders to pull the swing through, moved me back a little at address, cut my backswing down to 3/4 and actually following through all the way. After awhile the ball was being struck squarely more often than not and my tendency to slice was stopped dead, suddenly and "mysteriously." With what seemed like no effort other than letting the clubhead (five iron)fall down into the ball, it was flying farther than I've ever hit it, and straight.
My worry: What Have I Done?

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Hi Ryan,

That feeling will keep you coming back for much, much more. The sensation of a solidly struck golf ball. In the sweet spot. How effortless it seems when everything is in sync! The slower you swing, the farther the ball goes. How can it be? There really is nothing like a well struck golf ball, except maybe a well struck golf ball that goes where you want it to. It’s easy to forget the bad shots (there are so many) but that one good shot keeps you coming back again and again.

I think it was Ben Hogan who said that your hands should drop at the ball with the speed attained through gravity. It is the shoulder turn, weight shift and leg drive that gives you the power. Timing is everything. The biggest mistake most hackers make is swinging too hard, an easy trap to fall into, especially on a bad day.

Sounds like you got a good lesson. Remember that slow swing.


(And don’t worry - your new addiction shouldn’t interfere too much with the snowy one.)
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Don't say I didn't warn you. If you take the game up you're in for a lot of torture. The game is a lot like a woman, everytime it's going ok and you think you have it figured out it turns on you and leads you down the road to dispair. Good luck.
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Next addiction? Ah, no!

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When I was in Whistler recently (oh, did you know I was there?)... two of the courses in the valley were looking in great condition, unfortunately they were both closed.
I used to play a round (or two) in the summer, but haven't recently. Maybe I'll get back into the swing of things next summer.
Remember, head down, swing slow.

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